There are many advantages to stand-up meetings, particularly for event planning. These meetings are also called scrum meetings, flash meetings, and 15-minute meetings. They can run anywhere from five minutes to fifteen minutes, but the key is to keep the meeting short, to the point, and on topic.

Using Stand-Up Meetings for Event Planning

Stand-up meetings are the perfect meeting style for event planning. In the past, you may have met for hours on end and talked about a million different topics. Perhaps you didn’t get much done in a planning meeting, because there was just so much to go over. Enter, the scrum meeting.

15-Minute Stand-Up Meeting

During your stand-up meeting, participants typically stand. The idea is that if the meeting runs too long people will start to get uncomfortable standing and you’ll know it is time to end the meeting. There are some rules of thumb you’ll want to abide by to conduct a successful short meeting.

  • Stick to one topic at a time. Instead of calling it a “planning” meeting, pick on thing you need to plan. For example, you might call it a caterer stand-up meeting. In that case, you would focus exclusively on the topic of catering for the event.
  • Break down the topic further. Perhaps you need to choose the caterer in this single meeting. Or, perhaps you need to finalize the menu choices. You can only cover so much in a short meeting, so get the topic as specific as possible and then figure out in the meeting who will make the final decisions.
  • Limit each person to 1 minute at a time. This will allow everyone a chance to speak. Get a small sand timer from a board game to use to keep track, if needed, or set a timer on your smartphone.

Remember that the scrum meeting is not meant to get into topics that require deep problem-solving skills. The idea is that the team will talk about what has been done, what needs to be done, and what tasks each person will complete before the next meeting. Further discussion can always be taken to email or individual chats.

Online Scrums

The stand-up meeting can easily be taken online. However, in an environment where some can type faster than others, you’ll want to set up a few rules for the online chat room or forum.

  • Ask each person to come to the meeting with an update on where they are in the project.
  • If someone starts to digress to another topic, the director should immediately step in and shift the subject back to the topic at hand.
  • The moderator should ask a question, such as, “Where are we with ABC?” Allow the person to respond and then move to the next person.
  • Wrap up the meeting by recapping what task each person needs to complete before the next meeting. Send an email reminder.

Online scrums are convenient. Committees can meet when it is most convenient and even if they live across the country from each other.

Accomplish a Lot in Short Snippets

If you plan in advance, there really is no need for long meetings that everyone dreads. You will accomplish a lot more by breaking tasks into manageable sizes. Your event planning team will thank you for saving them time with stand-up meetings.