The marketing world is constantly changing, particularly when it comes to social media. It can be tough to stay on top of ever-changing social media marketing trends, especially when also trying to plan and hold events.

Unfortunately, if your business can’t keep up, you risk being left behind. With more and more social media users, as well as built-in features to increase engagement, social media has become fertile ground for event marketing. While this is great, it also means the competition for users’ attention is high.

Staying on top of your game means keeping followers engaged through different approaches. If the same-old social media strategies are no longer working, it might be time to mix things up with one (or several) of these social media trends.

The Top 6 Social Media Marketing Trends to Try in 2017

#1. Video (Especially Live)

It’s no mistake that video is first on the list. It’s the most talked about trend of 2016 and one that is expected to become even bigger in 2017. Snapchat and Instagram both offer live video options that skyrocketed in popularity last year.

There are many benefits to using video as part of your social media marketing strategy. One is that videos often gain and hold the attention of followers better than text or even images. With video, businesses can show what it’s like to be at events instead of just talking about them.

#2. Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story. Your customers are no different. In 2017, social media followers crave authenticity. Throw out the cheesy, scripted promos and use something genuinely funny or thoughtful.

In 2017, social media followers will look for raw, personal stories about your event brand. Don’t be afraid to use storytelling in social media posts, images, and videos.

Unsure of where to start? Let followers in on the reason you started offering your events or share a story from a special attendee. These authentic stories will help forge deep connections with your followers.

#3. Eye-Catching Visuals

In 2017, generic stock visuals won’t cut it anymore. To take a business to the next level, social media marketers will be expected to showcase stunning and creative visuals.

There is so much visual competition on social media, brands will need to up their creativity to stand out above the rest. This can mean using products like Canva or Pablo to create unique social media images.

#4. Influencer Marketing

Another talked-about trend in the social media world is influencer marketing. If you’re not familiar with the concept, it essentially means utilizing individuals with influence on your target audience to market your events.

While this has traditionally meant ad placements on big celebrity’s social media pages, even a micro-influencer (think local celebrities) using your event hashtag in a post or sharing a picture from your event on their page can have a positive effect on your marketing ROI.

#5. 360-Degree Images

Along the lines of eye-catching visuals, 360 degree images and video are definitely “in” right now. Facebook in particular has taken steps to popularize 360 publishing on the platform. Both 360 images and video offer immersive experiences and are popular in part by the rise of virtual reality.

What’s great about 360 media is that it’s accessible to even the smallest event businesses. Many smartphones come equipped with the ability to take panoramic images. Also, special 360 cameras and video recorders are also available at an affordable price

#6. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger, the popular messaging app, has opened up another communication channel for businesses and social media followers to interact.

In 2017, businesses are expected to use instant messaging in new ways, such as in customer service or sending personalized messages to registered or interested event attendees to keep them engaged.

Authenticity is Key in 2017

As you can see from this list, 2017 is all about personalization and authenticity. Social media users have become adept at sniffing out a fake, so businesses will have to avoid this by using live video, unique images, storytelling, and personalized messages.

Some newer social media trends will require reinventing your current marketing strategy. While this can be a pain, staying on top of these current social media marketing trends will reap benefits in terms of customer engagement and event attendance.