A blog can be a vital component to your marketing efforts. You can use a blog to further connect with existing and potential customers as well as including a CAT (Call To Action). These 5 editing tips for blog posts will help your work shine.

#1 Consistent Messaging

Your blog should have a tone and personality that is specific to your business. Consistency in the kind of messaging you present ensures loyal readers. For example, you don’t want to promote sharing information on your blog then suddenly start using it for some other purpose.

Commit to keeping politics and religion out of your blog posts. You never know who you may insult and alienate. Keep your blog posts centered around your business and the message you wish to convey to readers.

#2 Include Lots of Photos

Studies show that blogs with high graphic content generate greater interest and traffic.

  • Be sure you include more than one photo that illustrates your article and key aspects, such as a step by step tutorial.
  • Make sure the photo is hi-resolution. You’re better off omitting blurred or low-res photos than trying to include them. Professional photos are vital to maintaining your company’s professional image.

#3 Create Targeted Videos

In addition to photos, you can include one or more videos to augment your post. People enjoy watching videos, especially tutorial ones that are both instructional and entertaining.

  • The videos you add can be a tutorial, instructive or of your event(s).
  • A paint and sip shop can offer tutorial videos of various painting techniques, discussion of selecting the right paint brushes, how to use water colors, how to paint a sunset and many other appropriate topics.
  • An escape room company can create videos of problem-solving techniques and offer a puzzle as a learning example.
  • Cooking companies can offer a short video demonstrating how to cook a specific recipe or using a cooking utensil or appliance.

#4 Editing Tips for Content

You want to employ good editing practices for each article you post on your blog. Besides from the obvious editing goals of spellcheck and grammar, you want to ensure each post contains helpful and accurate information.

  • Content: The content should reflect an authoritative voice.
  • Stay on topic: Course correct if a blog post goes off on a tangent or a lack of cohesiveness.
  • Evergreen: Keep posts evergreen. This refers to timeless content that will be relevant one, two or more years later.
  • Overused words: Look for the repetition of the same words or phrases. Overuse of words is a turn off and reflects lazy writing. Readers instinctively recognize this and might interpret this as uncaring and think the blog is simply an afterthought.

#5 General Editing Tips for Company Blogs

  • Never edit while writing: Edit once the post is cold. Don’t edit your post immediately. Go do something else or even wait a day or two to edit and then publish. This allows you to come back with fresh eyes for editing.
  • Hook readers: If the first sentence doesn’t grab you, it’s time to edit. The first sentence shook hook your readers, drawing them in so they want to learn more. Put some effort into forming your first sentence. Edit out any clichés and false hooks.
  • Citations: If you cite a source, be sure you know how to correctly do this, especially if you quote someone.
  • CTA: Make sure you include a Call To Action (CTA) in each post. For example, a cooking school could encourage the reader to try a new recipe and then direct the reader to the recipe on the company website. This page would feature the recipe as well as the products, classes and events the company offers.

Editing Blog Posts

If you take the time to properly edit each blog post, you’ll discover readers will enjoy this extra effort. You can use your blog to connect with customers while also increasing business by inserting a CTA at the end of each post.