Sometimes the same-ole social media tactics turn stale. Maybe you notice your social media statistics are a bit lackluster.

By throwing in something new and out-of-the-box, you can re-engage your followers and get people excited about your events. If your social media strategy is running dry, try some of these fresh ideas for spicing it up.

Out-of-the-Box Event Marketing Ideas

1. Facebook Live

Facebook Live is exploding in popularity. It’s a way for users to video broadcast straight from Facebook. It might not be on your radar as a marketing tool, but it should be.

Event businesses can use Facebook Live to provide an event teaser. Make sure it is visually enticing and remember to engage with commenters. Try spontaneous broadcasting during events to show how much fun people are having. This can be the push people need to sign up for future events. This platform can even be used for live Q and A sessions with the event planners, vendors, etc.

2. Contests

Another social media marketing tool is to host a contest or giveaway on your social media page every so often. By offering something people want (a gift card, discounted event, or even something outside your business), you can re-charge existing followers and encourage others to follow.

Try using Facebook Ads to publicize the contest and gain more followers.

3. Quizzes

A fun way to increase social media engagement is to create a quiz. There are many different free quiz platforms out there. Make the quiz fairly short (10-20 questions) and let people share their results.

If you’re not sure about quizzes, check out this statistic from BuzzSumo: 82% of people who see a quiz on their feed with attempt it. Quizzes can be small powerhouses in the event marketing world.

Although the quiz content can be related to your brand, it doesn’t have to be. Try keeping those handy user personas in mind and design questions that will intrigue them.

4. Surveys

Similar to the quiz, short surveys can drive interaction in a way blog posts can’t. By creating surveys on social media, businesses can ask questions related to their niche that people want to answer.

Here’s a good example: The popular restaurant chain Qdoba used a survey on social media to poll users’ preference for one queso flavor or another. This survey was extremely popular and got people engaged in the battle for the next Qdoba queso.

Surveys can provide a space for followers to share their ideas and engage with your brand. This can make your events an important part of people’s lives instead of just something they attend.

5. Unique Hashtag

Sometimes a good hashtag can be enough to make your content go viral. Social media hashtags are a way to connect people and generate buzz.

Using an appealing and eye-catching image with a hashtag can increase the chances of it being shared. To be sure it’s noticed, make the hashtag something memorable or draw on current pop culture references.

A good hashtag should be instantly recognizable. Draw on your creative side and use the power of hashtags to gain attention for your event business!

6. Webinar or Video Series

What about a series of webinars or YouTube videos to market your events? Fun and informational videos can position your event business as one that knows their stuff. It can also give people a chance to see what you’re all about in an interactive way.

Create educational webinars that relate to your brand, or just funny videos that make people laugh and promote your events at the same time. Both can draw attention to your event business in a fresh way.

7. Second Life

Here’s perhaps the most out-of-the-box idea: marketing in a virtual world.

Second Life is a platform where people can create virtual representations called avatars. Businesses can take part in this virtual world to gain attention with Second Life users. They can either use avatars to promote products or advertise in different Second Life locations.

This is a bit of a hit or miss tactic, but some major businesses have found success using it.

From unique hashtags to a virtual world, these fresh social media ideas are sure to re-charge your event marketing strategy to gain more followers and engaged attendees.