Everybody knows that one of the main components of modern marketing strategy is the effective positioning of a brand within major search engine result pages. But what many marketers involved in local SEO for events keep asking is: Is it possible to attain a dominant position by using content that they can control or influence?

The simple answer is, yes. Today, there are tools and simple methods that can help boost the visibility of your brand and event while, at the same time, improving your efforts in promoting a social media presence, media outreach and ratings. These work by strategic positioning of your brand’s name and contact details, relevant event information as well as related content in a way that can be highlighted by search engines.

Add Relevant Local SEO Keywords

The traffic that is driven to an event website or landing page is mainly down to the wording, not the visual elements. This is because search engines can only understand the text parts of the website, not the colors, pictures or the design of the page. For this reason, it is important for event marketers to give the text as much attention as they can.

Keyword research is a great tool to help you find the best phrases and words to use when you want search engines to understand what your event is about (eg. Art Exhibition or Jazz Concert), the venue of the event and also to identify useful keywords that people are searching for when looking for similar events.

Build Authority through Rich Snippets

One of the most important developments in the SEO field is the introduction of rich snippets which describe a page listed in the results. These rich snippets contain much more structured detail than ordinary search results, thanks to information included in the page code known as markup, written in Schema language.

The page code can be viewed as direct data that is aimed at enhancing the data within existing web pages and highlighting what should be displayed by search engines. When an event page with this kind of markup meets the guidelines set up by the search engines, they could be eligible for highlighting through rich snippets.

Create an Informative Landing Page

If your efforts at local SEO are going to be worth anything at all, you should be findable. This means that you require a permanent website or web page for your event, where people who would like to attend can find more details and register if necessary.

As stated earlier, Google and other search engines do not recognize visual information, so simply scanning your event poster or flier and uploading it is worthless, as the search engine cannot read text that is within an image file. Your landing page must also have a Call to Action (CTA) for it to be an effective event marketing tool.

SEO on Autopilot

One thing that an event professional must be ready to do is wear many hats, including that of website expert. Whether you are given the task of designing and maintaining an event website or not, you will still be expected to drive traffic to the landing page and convert visitors into attendees. Let Attendee Events experts help you develop a strategy for your local SEO and help provide the traffic you need to ensure your event is a success.