Bridesmaids wanting to create a different kind of bachelorette party are turning to creative venues, such as cooking classes. You can find all kinds of bachelorette party ideas to help make a cooking class venue fun and very entertaining.

Bachelorette Party Ideas: Bachelorette Cook Off

For this party, the bride will need to invite more than her bridesmaids so each bridesmaid and the bride can captain a team.

Measuring Spoon Corsages

Greet the bride and bridesmaids with a small kitchen tool corsage, such as measuring spoons tied with abundant ribbons. Make sure the bride’s ribbon is a different color than her bridesmaids, such as white.

Serve wine or champagne along with hors d’oeuvres for the first fifteen to twenty minutes. Bring the cocktails to an end by giving the bride and her bridesmaids a decorated wooden spoon with a colored balloon tied to it with a ribbon. Each writes her name on the balloon with a marker. The spoon should be heavy enough to anchor the balloon at their designated cooking station.

Each bridesmaid goes to her cooking station and awaits as:

  • The bride appoints her guests to each team led by a bridesmaid.
  • The teams gather at their cooking stations.
  • Each team member is given a paper chef’s hat and an apron.
  • Your designated company host gives the teams instructions about the food items you’ve pre-selected for the cook off.
  • Each team is assigned a different dish to prepare along with the recipe.
  • Select recipes that won’t require a great deal of effort or time to cook.

Hunt for Hidden Ingredients

Before the participants can begin cooking, they must gather the ingredients for their recipes. The hunt for ingredients is part of the competition. You can make it exciting by leaving clues in the stations for each group on where to find the ingredients they need.

For example, in the place of milk and eggs in the refrigerator, the contestants will find a note with a clue where the milk and eggs are hidden.

The hunt is timed. A whistle sounds when the hunt begins and when it ends. Each team must find their ingredients during the timed hunt.

The hiding places for the ingredients can be in another group’s cooking station, hidden within their own cooking station in places such as a clean, lined trash can, pots, drawers and so on. The hunt for ingredients makes for a friendly competition as each group attempts to find the ingredients they need to complete their dish. The first team to find all the ingredients wins a prize.

Once the hunt for ingredients is over, make sure every team has all ingredients before starting the actual cook off.

Cook Off and Judging

As you can imagine, the groups should have a good time collecting their ingredients and completing their dishes. Once the cooking time is up, each dish is presented anonymously and judged by your company’s representatives.

Fun prizes are awarded for each category. Make the categories humorous, such as Bride’s Lost Slipper, Heartburn Paradise, Dish Gone Wild, etc.

Once the competition is over, each team places their dish on the buffet table along with the ones your company prepared. The bride, bridesmaids and other guests enjoy a banquet style dinner.

Name that Kitchen Tool

During dessert, the guests participate in a game similar to charades, “Name that Kitchen Tool”. Participants draw from a bowl or hat and then must convey the kitchen tool the same way they would in a game of charades. The person who correctly guesses the kitchen tool receives the actual item, tied with a nice bow for presentation.

Party Favors

Be sure everyone receives a gift bag party favor. You can fill these with various items including, candy and/or pastry samples, decorative recipe cards, book of cooking tips and other items you wish to include.

Be sure to present the bride with a bouquet of kitchen tools and Bride and Groom complimentary cooking class. You may also wish to offer a BOGO or other type of discount or other form of promotion to each of the participants.

Other Bachelorette Party Ideas for Cooking Classes

There are many bachelorette party ideas for cooking class to consider, such as:

Seduction by Meals

This cooking class theme explores foods that stimulate romance, such as aphrodisiac foods. The cooking instructor gives tidbits about foods associated with romance throughout history.

In Love in Paradise

This bachelorette party idea teaches participants how to cook various seafood dishes and pairing with the best wine choices.

The Love of Pasta

A perfect cooking class, the bride and her bridesmaids will long remember learning how to make their own pasta.

Cupcake War

This cook off is a fun event with all types of cupcake themes, such as hearts and flowers, France or the honeymoon destination, just to name a few possible themes.

Make It Entertaining

Aside from learning, this type of event is all about entertaining and seeing that attendees have a fun experience. You can make this event seamless and effortless for attendees to sign-up by utilizing online registrations. Group events such as a cooking class bachelorette party can drive new business to your door and generate referrals.