Previously, I talked about joining Facebook groups for online networking and brainstorming opportunities with other event planners and now I’d like to talk about the same thing but for LinkedIn groups. Meeting in person isn’t always doable for event planners. First of all, you are busy seeking new clients, planning your event, and working at improving your business. However, meeting online is something you can do in snippets throughout the day.

LinkedIn is a unique social media platform. LinkedIn mainly caters to business oriented professionals. You’ll find much more serious discussions on this site, but they have some interesting groups for event planners.

Details about LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups tend to take on one of two formats. They either allow you to converse with others in the group or serve mainly to push information your way. To find the right group for your event planning interests, go to LinkedIn and login. Go up to the LinkedIn search bar and type “event planners.” Note in the screenshot below that many choices pull up from party event businesses to even a group for golf event planners.

linkedin groups

Screenshot of LinkedIn groups for event planners.

As of February, 2017, the term “event planners” pulled up 117 entries. You can further refine that by searching more specifically. For example, if you had searched for “golf event planers,” you would have found just three results. Search for any industry you plan events for and you’ll find a group to meet your needs.

Some of the groups are very specific in the advantages they offer and others are more general in nature or part of a larger event planner organization.

A Look at Some Groups on LinkedIn

Let’s look at a few of the groups on LinkedIn for event planners that might interest you, no matter your industry.

Event Planning Professionals

The Event Planning Professionals group simply states that it is for professional event planners. No industry specifications. The group has 70,996 members, so you’ll have plenty of people to speak with and learn from.

Event Planner’s Resource

Do you ever wonder how to bring all the elements of an event together? Are you stumped over where to find tables or rent venues? Event Planner’s Resource is a group dedicated to sharing ideas about resources. You’ll learn about the best places to rent tents, how to choose a DJ, etc.

Event Planner & Event Industry Professionals Potpourri

Event Planner & Event Industry Professionals Potpourri group is moderated by its 1,142 members. The group encourages brainstorming. Brainstorming is one of the advantages listed in the group description. They describe the group as a “creative hub” for event planners. The group does not permit promotional posts.

Some Things to Remember

LinkedIn is not a casual atmosphere like Facebook is. Be polite, wait your turn to speak and present a professional appearance at all times. LinkedIn allows you to draw on the ideas of some of the top event planners in the world, but the scope may be a little more limited than on Facebook.