Everyone loves a good deal. Event-goers are no different. Whether people are generally searching for event deals or looking for a specific event, online promotional coupons can sway people to register.

Coupons are especially great for first-time attendees. First-time attendees who purchase an online promotional coupon can get a taste of your event business without committing to the full price. If they like the event, they’re likely to continue coming to your events and pay the full ticket price. In fact, 90% of people who purchase a Groupon plan to return to the business.

One word of caution when using coupons to market events: make sure the deal isn’t so good it hurts your business. While there are tons of rock-bottoms deals on websites like Groupon, deals don’t have to be scandalous to help business.

If you’re smart about using online coupons, they can be a great way to market upcoming events to first-time attendees or fill extra seats close to event day.

3 Popular Websites for Online Promotional Coupons

Successful use of online promotional coupons involves picking the right place to offer them. The best places to offer online coupons have high traffic, are frequented by your target audience, and make it easier to create coupons that work. Here are three key possibilities:


Groupon is a daily deal website that connects subscribers and businesses. Because subscribers are asked questions about their interests when signing up, Groupon has some great targeting capabilities to help reach specific audiences.

Food-related businesses do especially well on Groupon, so if your business offers cooking classes, this might be a good avenue to explore. In addition, 80% of business through Groupon is from new customers. If this is a goal of your business, Groupon might be just what you’re looking for.

One alternative to Groupon is LivingSocial, which also allows businesses to post discounted events and products. Try both and see which produces better results!


If you have or would like to create a business page in the popular listing site Yelp, using deals and gift certificates is the next step. Event businesses can create promotional vouchers people we see when they visit the Yelp business page.

Yelp is great because it encourages customers to leave reviews. For new event businesses, good reviews can be especially instrumental in attracting new customers. With more and more people using Yelp to find great businesses, it can be a goldmine for attracting first-time event attendees.


Facebook is another great way to market event deals to a large audience. Using Facebook Ads, event marketers can create a special offer claims ad with discounts customers can use on your event website.

Promoting coupons through Facebook is a great way to reach a large and diverse online audience. Facebook Ads include the option to pinpoint coupon promotion to specific locations to make sure you reach the right people.

The Facebook offer claims ad also connects potential customers to your event business’ Facebook page to help create a long-term relationship. One last plus? They’re easy for customers to share with their friends.

5 Tips for Creating and Marketing Online Promotional Coupons

#1. Offer special online discounts to first-time registrants or loyal customers

Choose to design promotional offers for special groups, such as first-time attendees or loyal ones. Giving coupons as gifts to certain groups makes them feel special and increases loyalty.

#2. Offer at least 25% off the original price

Customers are more likely to use coupons that include at least a 25% discount, so avoid lower discount coupons.

#3. Make sure to track which sources bring in the most registrations

Keep track of which channels (Groupon, LivingSocial, Yelp, etc.) produced which results. This will help narrow down which you should focus on in the future.

#4. Encourage email signup to receive discount

Before customers can receive a coupon, ask them to sign up for future emails from your business. This can facilitate long-term communication and help retain attendees.

#5. Use relevant photographs to market coupons

Use attractive, relevant photos when posting coupons to give potential attendees a clear view of what the event is about. Make sure the photo encourages people to sign up rather than scroll past.

Armed with these tips for creating online promotional coupons and a list of three popular websites to post coupons, your event business is ready to start increasing registrations and gaining new attendees.