How Stand-Up Meetings Can Get Everyone on the Same Page on Event Days

You've likely heard of daily stand-up meetings in the business world. These meetings are sometimes called daily scrum, huddle, morning roll-call, and 15-minute meetings. Regardless of what you call a stand-up meeting, the benefits of meeting first thing and getting everyone on the same page are multiple. Forbes recently reported that holding a stand-up meeting [...]

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Stress Management Tips for Event Planners

According to Career Cast’s 2017 Most Stressful careers annual report, Event Coordinator is the 5th most stressful career preceded by careers that are dangerous with threats of harm or death. Those include enlisted military personnel (1), firefighters (2), airline pilots (3) and police (4). Event Coordinator Stress Management Tips The stress score for event coordinators [...]

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Essential Social Media Tasks for Events

Social media marketing is a beast all of itself, and figuring out which social media tasks are vital an which are not is half the battle. As of 2016, there were around 2.18 billion people using social media. However, the different platforms they are using, the demographics of each platform, and what type of business you [...]

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Food Amounts to Serve at an Event

Determining how much food you need for your event, such as a dance studio, martial arts or other event doesn’t need to be stressful. Smaller events don’t necessarily warrant a catering service. In fact, most owners prefer to provide the food for cost considerations. This is easy to do once you decide on your menu. [...]

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5 Editing Tips for Blog Posts

A blog can be a vital component to your marketing efforts. You can use a blog to further connect with existing and potential customers as well as including a CAT (Call To Action). These 5 editing tips for blog posts will help your work shine. #1 Consistent Messaging Your blog should have a tone and [...]

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Outdoor Cooking Events for Summer

Whether you run a restaurant, offer cooking classes, or both, summer is the perfect time for outdoor cooking events. Not only can you bring your talents outside, but moving things outdoors can open up the opportunity for larger events than ever before. Cooking Fair Do you offer cooking classes? An outdoor cooking festival is the [...]

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Retaining Your Best Employees and Helpers

One of the most time consuming tasks for business owners is hiring and training employees and helpers. Unfortunately, about one-third of those newly hired will quit after only six months. There are many reasons why this happens, but the bottom line is that it costs the company money. By some estimates, each time a company has [...]

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Party Theme Ideas for a Spectacular Conference

Evening parties are anticipated by attendees who are ready to relax and have fun after a day of classes, workshops and training sessions. The last thing you want to do is disappoint them. Party theme ideas can help you meet those expectations. Party Theme Ideas Choose a fun and exciting theme as a treat for [...]

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Why You Should Turn Workshops into Podcasts

In 2017, the number of Americans who had listened to podcasts at some time rose 11% to an estimated 112 million Americans.  On top of that, as many as 67 million people in the US listen to podcasts on  monthly basis. There is no doubt that the number of people listening to podcasts is growing. That [...]

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Life Hacks for Event Planning

Have you ever wished there were life hacks for event planning? When planning an event, it seems like every moment counts, especially when it gets down to the wire. Increasing your productivity and staying on task can sometimes feel impossible when there are so many distractions. There’s nothing worse than realizing you procrastinated and have [...]

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