It’s been said over and over that dog is man’s best friend, but friend doesn’t really do justice to the relationship most of us have with our canine companions. More and more people are looking for dog friendly businesses these days so they can take Fido along. Yes, they may even be looking for a bring your dog to paint and sip night event!

Bring Your Dog to Paint and Sip

Planning an event where people can bring their dogs may require a bit of additional planning than your typical event. For example, if you also serve meals at your venue, you’ll need to check local board of health policies on having pets and which areas they are or aren’t allowed. One option might be to set up on the sidewalk, cafe style, for example, and bring the food out to attendees.

Advertise Your Event

There are a few places you can advertise your bring your dog to paint and sip event. First, you’ll want to notify current patrons. They alone might fill up your empty spots as many will be seeking outings with their pets. Other ideas include:

  • Ask the local rescue shelters to share the event with their mailing list of pet parents.
  • Ask veterinarians near you if you can hang up a flyer. Many have a bulletin board in their offices.
  • Run an ad in the local paper, particularly near the classified section where pets are listed.
  • Seek out local Facebook groups for pet owners and tell them about your event – be careful not to just spam them, though. No one online likes that.
  • List your business on sites such as and and explain what you have to offer pet owners.

Food Planning

Whether you serve just snacks or a full meal along with wine think through what you’ll need both for the human and canine part of the equation. Things that patrons will appreciate include:

  • Bowls of ice water placed at each table.
  • Dog cookies shaped like bones.
  • A menu for dogs, such as plain baked chicken cut into bite sized chunks or a basic hamburger patty minus the bun.

Event Activities

Canine owners looking for a unique event to take their dogs to will want more than just the ability to bring their dog along with them. The dog should have something to do as well. Some ideas include:

  • Presentation by local 4-H member of a dog going through agility run and then letting guest dogs try it as well.
  • A small canvas so the dog can step into washable, non-toxic paint and then place his paw print on the canvas. This should be in addition to the painting the owner completes, which should also be dog themed.

Finer Details

Take the time to put together some of the finer points that make any event a success, but in particular a paint and sip event. Create a goody bag with treats for your canine guests. Take note of each dog’s name and breed and who he belongs to. Send out a thank you card to the dog thanking him for coming to your event. Take a photo of the group and post it to social media.

Show your paint and sip customers how proud you are to have their canine family members come to an event at your store and they will become loyal fans. There is a sort of camaraderie between dog lovers, but you have to be sincere and think about the needs of both your two-legged and four-legged clients.