Taking a look at the event statistics from event to event can help you learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t work for your attendees. Your goal, over time, should be to improve your events so that attendees stay satisfied with what you have to offer. Not only should the same people come back for future events, but the word-of-mouth about just how amazing your events are should bring in new attendees.

General Event Marketing Stats

You can learn a lot from other event planners. It doesn’t really matter if an event planner plans out an IT conference every year while you put on weekly cooking classes. There is a certain skill in organizing an event that will allow you to learn from others who have gone before you. You can then apply those principles to your own events. Here are some statistics that you’ll find useful:

Most Attendees Prefer 20 to 30 Minute Presentations

After about 20 minutes, you’ll likely notice that attendees start looking at the clock. Keep your presentations short. If you have an hour to fill, fill the rest of the time with hands-on and interactive activities that will engage attendees instead of leaving them bored and looking at their watches.

79% Find Events Via Smartphones

According to an infographic on Planning Pod, 70% of attendees start the search for a live event via their smart phones. They point out how important it is to have a responsive website that will adapt to a smaller screen size.

Entertainment Matters

The same report mentioned that 63% of event planners feel that the entertainers they brought in helped drive event attendance. However, you can’t just seek out a huge name and hope that attendees will sign up. You want attendees who are interested in what you have to offer and will come back year after year and event after event, whether the big name is there or not. With that in mind, seek out entertainment somehow tied to your industry. You may need to get creative here.

Apps Drive Chatter

More than half (54%) of attendees will download the event app. Use this to your advantage. Not only should the app be useful to help them find workshops and other information, but integrate social sharing into the platform so that there is a buzz created about your event.

Event Statistics Specific to Your Event

You also need to look at the statistics that apply to your event. If you use an event software, such as Attendee Events, then you can track metrics on registrations, users, etc. These can give you valuable insight into the type of person who signs up for your events so that you can target more people in this audience.

In addition, you should ask for feedback directly from your attendees via polls and feedback forms. Send out an email to past attendees and ask for suggestions for improvement. Sure, you could ask for kudos, but what will you learn from that? Instead, ask what needs to be better so you can focus on improving and growing from event to event.

Taking the time to look at event statistics is a smart strategy if you want to continue to put on events that attendees will talk about and invite others to. It doesn’t take much time to analyze the information, but the benefits are enormous.