Special Holiday Events to Grow Your Business

The holidays are a time of year where people are looking for fun events to attend, enjoying time with family, and seeking out gift giving opportunities. You can tap into this buying bonanza and secure some new customers in the process by strategically planning some holiday events. The best time to start booking is now, [...]

By |November 15th, 2017|Creative|

How Creating Dance Videos can Grow Event Attendance

Want to grow event attendance at your next dance recital? Videos are a major aspect of marketing your dance event. You want a set of criteria for selecting the best types of videos and places to upload online. Statistics for Video Marketing 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, according to a Forrester [...]

By |May 19th, 2017|Creative|

Incorporating Charitable Causes into Events

How cause-conscious is your event business? Have you wondered how to show you attendees you care? Incorporating charitable causes into your events is a smart move. Sure, you can set out a donation jar and make an announcement asking people to contribute during the event, but really embracing charitable causes at your events can lead [...]

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Creating Sip and Plant Spring Workshops

Looking for something unique to offer this coming spring for your paint and sip clientele? Consider a sip and plant spring workshop as a unique painting event and something that ties into the season perfectly. Recently, I attended a local paint a pot class at a venue that while not paint and sip also serves [...]

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Summer Themed Cooking Class Ideas

It’s never too early for brainstorming summer-themed cooking class ideas. Take advantage of the season’s fruits, berries and vegetables. Farm to Table Cooking Class Ideas Buying locally grown foods is the best way to know what is in the foods you eat. Some berry farms offer a pick-your-own program. This would be a fun outing for [...]

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How Writing Roundups Can Revive Old Blog Posts

You can reap the benefit of old blog posts by creating a themed roundup post to revive old blog posts. By including links to older posts, you can take advantage of work you’ve already done. Providing links to old blog posts can double even triple your blogging efforts while helping you to gain more targeted [...]

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Event Swag Attendees Will Love

Everyone loves free stuff. This doesn’t just mean raffle prizes, but also small freebies. Anything useful someone doesn’t have to pay for is generally appreciated, especially when it is unexpected. “Swag” is slang for the freebies and promotional items given away during or after events. A swag bag is well put together and includes multiple [...]

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Icebreaker Ideas for Event Attendees

We’ve all been to an event where attendees who don’t know each other are standing around and staring at their phones instead of interacting with each other. This can be every event planner's nightmare. Luckily, there are some quick and simple games that can fix this problem. Icebreakers can jumpstart event networking by sparking conversations. [...]

By |April 7th, 2017|Creative|

Engage Customers with Storytelling

Did you know that storytelling will engage customers and make them want to read more? Did you know that every minute around 700,000 Google searches are completed? That means that online consumers are saturated with information to a tune of about 5.3 trillion ads a year. Everyone one looks there is information, data, advertising, and [...]

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Summer Escape Room Day Camp Ideas

If you run an escape room business, you may be looking for new ways to bring in additional customers. You likely have already thought about a variety of events you can target, such as birthday groups and bachelor parties. But, have you thought about getting some of the summer business from parents whose kids are [...]

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