How to Create Environmentally-Friendly Events

Events are moving toward becoming more environmentally friendly.  According to a poll by Trulia, 79% of Americans consider themselves environmentally conscious. To keep up with this demand, event planners must consider ways to integrate eco-friendly features into events. This trend is here to stay and this means event planners will continue to come up with [...]

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Should You Offer Event Goodies, Raffles, and Prizes?

Remember the last time you attended a conference or trade show and how you stocked up on items such as tote bags, pens, and maybe even a hat or two? Event goodies are something that attendees look forward to. It is one of the perks of attending events in person. Even if you host an [...]

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Table Landscaping Ideas for Different Types of Events

Table landscapes are a must for any event if you want to generate a feeling of excitement and anticipation. The registration table is often the first thing attendees see. The right tablescape should be vibrant and reflect the theme of your event. Using Spices Cooking Class Set the focus of a cooking class on spices [...]

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How to Maximize a Photo Booth at Your Event

When people take the time to go to an event, they usually want to learn something new, have an experience, and document it all. Offering a photo booth at your event allows them an entertaining way to take a snapshot of the fun times they had. However, you'll want to do more than just rent [...]

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Ideas for Escape Room Birthday Parties

The escape room has become one of the most popular ways for a group to have fun for bachelorette or bachelor parties, company team building events and simple evening fun for individuals, couples and groups. Themes for Escape Room Birthday Parties Escape room birthday parties are fast becoming popular for adults. Birthday parties are a great [...]

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Team Building with Escape Room Events

Team building events can solve a number of problems you might have within your company. A huge number of American employees are dissatisfied with their jobs. 80% state they are stressed over work. 70% say they do not feel engaged. With the high cost of training and attracting the top candidates, it makes sense to [...]

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Editing Your Prose to Attract Site Visitors

Don't just throw up a few articles on your blog and expect to attract site visitors. Editing your prose so it shines is vital to achieving high search engine rank and grabbing the attention of readers. Think about the sites you most like to frequent. Does the prose flow smoothly? Is there a balance between [...]

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36 Idea Starters for Your Event Blog

A study at HubSpot found that blogs that posted more than 16 posts a month got about three and a half times as much traffic than those that only posted a few times a month. However, coming up with all of those blog post ideas can be exhausting. That's where idea starters come in handy. By [...]

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9 Bachelorette Party Ideas: Themed Cooking Class

Bridesmaids wanting to create a different kind of bachelorette party are turning to creative venues, such as cooking classes. You can find all kinds of bachelorette party ideas to help make a cooking class venue fun and very entertaining. Bachelorette Party Ideas: Bachelorette Cook Off For this party, the bride will need to invite more than [...]

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Increase Event Excitement with Fresh and New Ideas

You may have hosted enough events by now that the whole process is routine. This is a nice comfort zone for the person planning events, but it might not be a good thing for attendees. The greatest risk to your attendees is boredom and that’s the last feeling you want associated with your event(s). It [...]

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