Top 8 Tips for Creating an Amazing Escape Room Website

One of the best marketing tools for an escape room business is the company escape room website. Due to the competitive nature of the industry companies understandably guard their escape room information. Another factor is preserving the mystery for clients. Message in Seconds According to the five second test, you have that much time to [...]

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Tips to Make Your Website Impaired Friendly

One area you may not have considered is how to make your website impaired friendly. The US Census Bureau reported in 2005 that there were about 54 million people with various types of disabilities in the United States alone. Although not all of those disabilities will impact the way someone accesses your website, hearing and sight [...]

By |October 28th, 2016|Design|

Putting User Personas to Work for your Event Business

Do you know the target audience for your event business? Do you know what your target audience wants before the event begins? If you’re not sure of the answer to these questions, the answer is probably “no.” Luckily, user personas can help. User personas are great tools to help grow event businesses. They create tangible [...]

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How to Write User Personas Step-by-Step – Part I

“Amy is a 40-year old mother who loves to drink wine with her friends on weekends.” Now, this might sound like an excerpt from a dating profile, but it’s actually an example of a persona that can give event businesses insight into their customers. Learning to write user personas is an important part of running a [...]

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The Importance of Good Website Design and Functionality

What is the first impression your website makes? The importance of good website design can't be overstated. Not only is a good website design visually pleasing, but it draws the reader in and points him toward the areas of the site you most want him to visit. Things like the CTA are placed above the [...]

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