Stress Management Tips for Event Planners

According to Career Cast’s 2017 Most Stressful careers annual report, Event Coordinator is the 5th most stressful career preceded by careers that are dangerous with threats of harm or death. Those include enlisted military personnel (1), firefighters (2), airline pilots (3) and police (4). Event Coordinator Stress Management Tips The stress score for event coordinators [...]

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Life Hacks for Event Planning

Have you ever wished there were life hacks for event planning? When planning an event, it seems like every moment counts, especially when it gets down to the wire. Increasing your productivity and staying on task can sometimes feel impossible when there are so many distractions. There’s nothing worse than realizing you procrastinated and have [...]

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Transforming Your Office into an Event Venue

If you are having a hard time finding an event venue that will work for a smaller gathering, you may be overlooking a place right under your nose. Your own office may serve as just the right place to host your event attendees. Plus, you are already leading or buying the space, so the only [...]

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Best Facebook Groups for Event Planners

Whether you're new to event planning, or you're just looking for a few new ideas, Facebook offers some group options that can help you connect. There are many Facebook groups on the social media giant. Type in the term "event planners," and multiple groups will pop up. Some are public groups, some are private groups. [...]

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Leadership Lessons for Event Organizers

Event organizers can take a few leadership lessons from small business expert Andrew Soave when it comes to learning how to guide and lead people. Soave is known for his business and entrepreneurship sessions conducted at McMaster University and DECA Inc as well as various organizations. His practical leadership experience with small businesses and being a [...]

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How to Keep a Cool Head When EVERYTHING Is Going Wrong

You've spent months planning your event. You think that everything is going to run like clockwork. After all, you have the right software, you have a full house of attendees, you have the perfect keynote speaker - what could possibly go wrong. The answer is that just about anything can and will go wrong. However, while it [...]

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Re-Entry Into Normal Work Mode After the Event

Finding the normal work mode rhythm can be a challenge after an event ends. Whether this is the first event you're planning or the 90th, you've spent untold hours gathering items, organizing volunteers and making sure everything came off without a hitch. Planning an event is far more than a part-time job, which means you [...]

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How to Survive Jam-Packed Event Days

As an event planner, you've likely lined up all the different aspects of your event and plan for everything to run like clockwork. There's only one problem. No one ever told you just how jam-packed event days would be and you can only be in one place at a time. How are you ever going [...]

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Tips on Non PowerPoint Presentations

A traditional way to present visual aids at events is via power point presentations. However, there are some situations where PowerPoint isn't the best choice. Fortunately, there are some excellent non PowerPoint presentations available. As Nick Morgan states on Forbes recently, "there are thousands of presentations every day, everywhere around the world." The majority of [...]

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Make First Time Attendees Feel Welcome

First time attendees may feel both excited and anxious when they sign up for your event. They likely don’t know anyone else attending and may not be sure what to expect once they arrive. There are a few things you can do to make these first-timers feel welcome and make them want to return again [...]

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