Easy Formula to Write a High Traffic Blog Post

A high traffic blog post is something most website owners strive for. The more attention you can draw to your posts, the more visitors come to your site, and the more conversions you'll hopefully get. While there isn't a cure-all formula that will help you hit it out of the ballpark every time. There are [...]

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Finding Places to Guest Post About your Event

Guest blogging can increase your number of followers and customers. Assuming you have established your blog and published valuable content, you’re in a position to find relatable blogs without being in direct competition. Finding places to guest post about your event can be a challenge, but there are some techniques you can use that will [...]

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How to Get More Followers When You Don’t Have Any

A website won’t give a return if no one knows about you. With a little effort, you can utilize social media to get more followers and direct them to your website and/or blog. Get More Followers Locally Creating a local presence can be more challenging than establishing an Internet presence. If you need to be [...]

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Top 3 Ways to Come Up with Ideas for Your Cooking Class Blog

Coming up with fresh ideas for your cooking class blog doesn’t need to be difficult. There are countless ways to jump-start themes and find inspiration for unique and fun topics. Brainstorming Sessions for Your Cooking Class Blog If you have a business partner, the two of you can brainstorm ideas. If it’s just you, then [...]

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How to Promote Cooking Classes on Pinterest

Are you wondering how to promote cooking classes on Pinterest? Pinterest is a natural fit for a cooking class business. Although you shouldn't ignore your male demographics, the majority of attendees are likely to be women or couples. That means that you need to reach them on the social media where they hang out. According [...]

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Essential Social Media Tasks for Events

Social media marketing is a beast all of itself, and figuring out which social media tasks are vital an which are not is half the battle. As of 2016, there were around 2.18 billion people using social media. However, the different platforms they are using, the demographics of each platform, and what type of business you [...]

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5 Editing Tips for Blog Posts

A blog can be a vital component to your marketing efforts. You can use a blog to further connect with existing and potential customers as well as including a CAT (Call To Action). These 5 editing tips for blog posts will help your work shine. #1 Consistent Messaging Your blog should have a tone and [...]

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Why You Should Turn Workshops into Podcasts

In 2017, the number of Americans who had listened to podcasts at some time rose 11% to an estimated 112 million Americans.  On top of that, as many as 67 million people in the US listen to podcasts on  monthly basis. There is no doubt that the number of people listening to podcasts is growing. That [...]

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Top 5 Reasons Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

In the world of social media and texting, you may have stopped some of your email marketing campaigns or never bothered to revamp your marketing strategies. You aren’t alone. In the wake of social media marketing, many people believe email marketing had its time and they moved on to mostly social media marketing. Other business [...]

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How to Encourage Online Reviews from Attendees

Reviews play a large role in influencing customer behavior. A whopping 61% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. The same amount of customers are more likely to purchase from businesses that have online reviews. Yelp, Amazon, TripAdvisor, and many other successful businesses rely on the power of reviews. But how do [...]

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