Amazing Marketing Tips for Event Emails

Marketing your event via email is a crucial part of getting the word out. You want existing and potential customers to open your event emails. There are a few things you can do to entice email recipients to click open. Subject Lines that Scream Open The subject line should generate curiosity and excitement. There are several [...]

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How a Blog Can Help You Collect Leads

Finding new leads is easier when you have an effective blog. There are a few things you can do to improve your blog, collect leads and build your business. Blog Purpose and Target Audience Larry Alton writing for ProBlogger offers several excellent suggestions for turning your blog into a “lead reaping machine.” The first thing [...]

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Getting the Word Out About Your Event

There are several ways of getting the word out about your local event. You can reach potential new clients when you turn to local marketing venues. Human Interest Story An age-old free advertising opportunity to gain attention is through a local newspaper, TV and radio station. You can plan your event so it has a [...]

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How to Use Video for Social Media Marketing

Video is one of the most talked about social media marketing trends and for good reason. Social media users love the interactive nature of video compared to text or photos. Marketers who use video not only use it to sell products or promote their brand, they entertain viewers. This makes video dual purpose. While the [...]

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2017 Social Media Marketing Trends for Events

The marketing world is constantly changing, particularly when it comes to social media. It can be tough to stay on top of ever-changing social media marketing trends, especially when also trying to plan and hold events. Unfortunately, if your business can’t keep up, you risk being left behind. With more and more social media users, as [...]

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Online Promotional Groups for Paint and Sip Owners

There are two types of online promotional groups you can join for paint and sip businesses. The first is a general small business group that affords business owners opportunities and advice on promotion campaigns. The second is an online group where business owners can advertise directly to the public through the group’s website and social [...]

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Getting Member Bloggers Promoting Your Event

Let's face it, no matter how well you promote your event, you are only one person. Your promotions only go so far unless they go viral or you have more hands on deck helping you to promote. Fortunately, you can call on member bloggers who attend your events and get them involved in helping with [...]

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Snapchat Marketing Basics for Events

Snapchat used to be a way for teens to send silly videos and pictures that couldn’t be immortalized. Now, it is one of the largest social media platforms and a creative and effective marketing tool for businesses of all kinds. Over 150 million users watch 10 billion Snapchat videos every day. A large amount (71%) [...]

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Tools to Automate Social Media & Save Time

Most businesses agree social media is a vital piece of modern marketing. Social media marketing experts suggest posting several times a day on each platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to generate buzz. Remembering to log in to different accounts and post frequently is difficult. All that posting is also time consuming. Being able to automate social [...]

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Five Fresh Ways to Market Your Event

Get the most out of your planning efforts with fresh ideas to market your event. With today’s competition, selling your event requires a touch of creativity and innovation. 5 Fresh Market Your Event Ideas #1 Encourage and Collect Reviews Create a campaign to garner reviews for your company and event. A few suggestions include: Trip [...]

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