Benefits of Holiday Promotions for Events

When you think about promoting your event, you might not immediately think about holiday promotions as part of your strategy. However, creative holiday promotions can increase your profits. Tying your event to a holiday or promoting on holidays lets you leverage efforts to get the word out and create even more buzz for your event. Ideas [...]

By |September 14th, 2016|Promotion|

Create a Professional Podcast of Your Event

In the last year, the audience of people listening to podcasts grew 23%. Since 2013, the number has increased by 75%. The total number of podcast listeners is about 57 million. It is clear that creating a professional podcast of your event can be a smart marketing move that will make you stand out from [...]

By |September 7th, 2016|Promotion|

Using Instagram to Promote Events

Instagram (IG) is touted as the fastest growing social media. Having opened its doors in 2010, Instagram currently is said to have the most engaging social media platform. According Iconosquare’s Instagram 2015 Study, Instagram has more active users than Twitter. Using Instagram to promote events is a smart move. Boasting over 300 million daily users, [...]

By |August 31st, 2016|Promotion|

Turning Facebook Likes into Followers

Understanding how to market on Facebook can be a challenge for most people. Not only does Facebook change the rules frequently, but just having a few likes doesn't always translate into sales numbers. While the first step to reaching people via Facebook is to get them to like your page, marketing on this social media [...]

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How to Get Free PR Even If You Can’t Afford a Professional Manager

When you're just getting started on a new venture or planning an event you aren't sure yet will be a success, your marketing budget might be so low as to almost be nonexistent. However, there are some ways you can get free PR and get the word out, even if you can't afford to hire [...]

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Using Pinterest to Market Cooking Events

Most cooking event businesses have heard of Twitter and Facebook and use them to interact with potential attendees. Pinterest is a social media platform that is less known and used among businesses, but just as important, if not more important. Pinterest can be easily used to market cooking events. Why Cooking Event Businesses Should Use [...]

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Using Short Informational YouTube Videos to Drive Traffic

Informational YouTube videos are a great tool for businesses to drive traffic to their websites and deliver potential new clients. When you upload an instructional video, such as a cooking demonstration or helpful painting tips, you increase your company’s visibility through this type of visual content. YouTube Videos Google Indexed and Searched A YouTube video [...]

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How SlideShare can Get Your Biz in Front of New Clients

SlideShare boasts about 70 million professional users with 18 million uploads across 40 categories. When people think about social media marketing, they tend to think about Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps they consider some of the other common social media networks (Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram). SlideShare offers the opportunity to reach out to professionals in your [...]

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Top 7 SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

These days, people use search engines to find just about anything, from products to local events. Many businesses acknowledge this and put effort into website search engine optimization (SEO), or plan on doing this in the future. For businesses going the DIY SEO route, using the right approach takes time, effort, and often some amount [...]

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How to Partner with the Right People

At events, there are often multiple businesses working together to provide different services. This might mean catering, venue management, decorations, etc. You might want to consider partnering with these other businesses and forming long-term relationships. The right partner can do wonders for growing an event. A partnership opens a business up to the connections that come [...]

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