Brand Management: Perception Is Reality

When it comes to your company's brand, perception is reality. About 72% of people say that the reputation of a company can impact their decision to buy or not to buy. How clients view you is everything, and consistency is key! Brand management is something you need to take seriously from day one and throughout the [...]

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Strategies to Find New Clients

If your business is going to continue to grow year after year, you need a strong set of tools to help you find new clients. Although it is proven that retaining the clients you have is cost effective, since it costs five times as much to gain a new client, your business will just remain [...]

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Why Constantly Analyzing Performance Is Critical for Success

The words “data” and “analytics” are enough to make some people cringe. Data has a reputation for being complex and time-consuming, something that only appeals to the computer-savvy geek types. Because of this reputation, many businesses avoid analyzing performance altogether. Successful businesses are constantly trying to figure out what they can do better. It’s not [...]

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Positively Affect End User Behavior with Content and Messaging

Your content and messaging should be planned out from the moment you reach out to your customer until the last communication you have before your event (and after, of course!). The goal is to figure out ways to positively affect end user behavior so that there is an ongoing relationship with attendees. There are many [...]

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The Ins and Outs of Facebook Advertising

Facebook isn’t just a place to connect with friends. It’s also a place for people to find events and business pages. With over 900 million views each day, it has become a force in modern life. Savvy advertisers understand this and are using Facebook Advertising to find new customers and reach existing ones. By investing a [...]

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How to Use Reporting and Analytics to Maintain and Grow your Business

Do you ever wonder how customers find your event website or the process people go through to register for your events? You don’t have to guess at how this works. Reporting and analytics can answer these questions and more. They turn data collected into actionable steps to grow businesses. While both are closely linked, reporting and [...]

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The ABC’s of Local SEO for Events

Everybody knows that one of the main components of modern marketing strategy is the effective positioning of a brand within major search engine result pages. But what many marketers involved in local SEO for events keep asking is: Is it possible to attain a dominant position by using content that they can control or influence? The simple answer [...]

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Promoting Events on Facebook

If you aren’t promoting events on Facebook, you’re leaving a lot of potential attendees behind. This social media is another excellent venue for advertising your event and letting potential clients know who you are. According to Facebook policy, you can promote “any public event”. You must associate your event with your Facebook page in order [...]

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5 Ways to Leverage Paid Marketing to Maximize ROI

85% of retailers believe that search marketing is the most effective way to acquire new customers. 19 percent of those same respondents stated that paid search made up 50 percent or more of their marketing budgets. Paid search marketing can sometimes be a real challenge. Similar to most other types of marketing, some trial and [...]

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Mobile Responsive Website to SEO and Why It’s Important

Chances are you’ve performed many Google searches on a mobile device. You’ve probably scrolled down the results page and clicked on one of the first links. There’s a high chance you clicked on the first result, as this brings in 33% of search traffic. If you have ever wondered why results are displayed in a [...]

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