Using Twitter Chats to Increase Your Followers

Twitter has around 304 million active monthly users as of the second quarter of 2015. That is an enormous number of people you can reach out to about your event. Obviously, you'll want to target that outreach to people who might actually be interested in your event. For example, if you're planning an event for [...]

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Offering an Online Teaser Event to Increase Registrations

Do you find that a lot of people visit your event website and then bounce away? These people may never register or come to your site again. But, what if you had something to offer them that would entice them to give you their information and consider attending your main event? Enter online teaser events. [...]

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Attendee Retention Tricks to Get Them Back Next Year

A whopping 40 million people in the United States attend approximately 500,000 events each year. Of course, that doesn't include smaller events, but only conferences, conventions and trade shows. The point is that your event attendees have a whole host of events from which to choose. It is vital that you retain the attendees you [...]

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Building Your Event Brand

There are two different ways you can utilize events to build your brand. First, you can work on building your event brand in itself. Or, second, you can work on building your brand through events that get people talking. While in-person events are a must if you want to truly grow your brand, you can also [...]

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Tips for Gaining Top Sponsors for Your Event

Putting on an event can be costly and there are almost always incidental expenses the planners forget to add in to the overall cost. One way to combat these costs and increase your profit is to seek corporate sponsors. Here are some tips for gaining top sponsors for your event. Plan the Event for Sponsors [...]

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How to Send out Press Releases with Online Tools

There are dozens of free websites out there where you can send out press releases to media outlets. There are just as many sites that offer a paid service and promise better results. However, if this is your first event, or you are on a marketing budget, paying hundreds of dollars for a press release [...]

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How to Promote Your Event Using Social Media

There are many ways how to promote your event using social media, including during the event. If you haven't already started a social media campaign for your event, consider the information Pew Research Center released in 2014 that 74% of adults who are online use social networking sites. With two-thirds of online users engaging in social media, [...]

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Using Video to Market Your Event

Have you thought about using video to market your event? According to Statista, in the January, 2013, YouTube had 124 million unique viewers streaming video content. Not only has video content traffic been growing, but Cisco predicts it will continue to grow in their "2014 Complete VNI Global IP Traffic Forecast for 2013-2018". By the year 2018, [...]

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How to Create Ads on FB, LI, Twitter

You know it's important to promote your event. You've read the statistics from Pew Research that 74% or more of all adults online use social media. But, knowing how to create ads on FB, LI, Twitter is a different matter. While it is fairly easy to both create an ad and track its effectiveness on [...]

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