Emergency Tips if Registration for Your Event Is Low

Are registrations for your event coming in at a snail's pace? Are you worried about how to pay for the venue and other costs? Don't worry, there are some emergency tips if registration for your event is low that you can use to ramp up the numbers. Emergency Tips if Registration for Your Event Is Low [...]

By |March 24th, 2015|Promotion|

Get the Attention of Local Media for Your Event

Even though your event may not grab the attention of national media outlets, that doesn't mean you can't get the attention of the local media and utilize that coverage to gain attendees and prestige for your event. Gaining the attention of local media takes time, determination and a plan. If there is a person in [...]

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Create an Event Hashtag and How to Get Buzz Going

Today's marketing gurus know that Twitter and other social media sites are a strong place for online promotions. Twitter is such a simple platform to use, however, that people can sometimes get ahead of themselves and fail to plan out a Twitter promotion campaign fully. With just a little bit of per-planning, you can have [...]

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