You know it’s important to promote your event. You’ve read the statistics from Pew Research that 74% or more of all adults online use social media. But, knowing how to create ads on FB, LI, Twitter is a different matter. While it is fairly easy to both create an ad and track its effectiveness on each of these platforms, there are a few steps that differ.

How to Create Ads on FB, LI, Twitter


Login to your organization’s Facebook account. On the left side of the home page, you will see a list of icons and text. Click on the one that says “Ads Manager”. You’ll be taken to a screen that lists your campaigns, offers reports, lists pages you have under your account (such as an event page). You can even get “audience insights” to find better refine your ads.

In the upper right corner, you’ll see a green button that says “Create Ad”. Click on it. On Facebook, ads are called “Campaigns”.

Now, you’ll get to choose what you want to accomplish with your campaign. There is one titled “Raise attendance at your event” that you might want to consider, depending on your goals.

Facebook will then walk you through the rest of the process, which will differ depending on your objectives. You’ll choose items like the event URL from your website, who you want to reach with this ad and how much you want to spend on the campaign in total.

The more you can refine your intended audience, the better conversion rate you should have. You can change this at any time during the campaign, too. If you find that you aren’t getting a response, play around with the settings, the ad itself or the objective and see if you can increase conversions.


Finding the advertising page on LI is a bit harder. Once you’ve logged in to LinkedIn, look to the upper right portion of your home page just under your account and settings icon. You’ll see text in the black band that reads “Business Services”. Hover over this text and you’ll see several options, one of which is “Advertise”. Click on the word.

Similar to FB, LI will talk you through the process of creating an ad and will take into consideration your goals, your budget and help you build the ad from images and text you likely already have. Keep in mind that this will be B2B targeted advertising rather than B2C.

To start building the ad, click on the yellow box at the top center of the page that says “Get Started”. When the new page loads, click on “Create Ad”. There is another option on LinkedIn where you an sign on as a sponsor to some popular content. The key with attracting people by sponsoring content is to make sure the content is relevant to your event.


Creating a Twitter ad is simple. Login to your account and make sure you are on your home page by clicking on the little house in the upper left corner of your screen.

Scroll down and you’ll see a small box at the bottom right that says “Advertise”. Click on the word. Alternately, you can go directly to:

Twitter also calls ads “campaigns”. You’ll start by choosing an objective for your campaign, such as gaining website clicks or getting leads.

Twitter will then talk you through the process where you’ll choose what viewers will see and where in their page they will see it. You’ll choose start and end dates, who sees the ad and other features to make sure your ad is converted the way you want.

Other Social Media Advertising Tips

As you can see, advertising on social media sites is pretty straightforward and simple. Keep in mind that a clean, uncluttered ad will gain more attention than an ad that tries to throw everything into a small box. Also, if you can incorporate a call to action, such as “Sign up for Free Newsletter” or “Free IT Report”, you will probably get more clicks than without.

The fabulous thing about online advertising via social media is that you don’t have to worry about mistakes. If an ad isn’t working, you made a typo, or there is another issue, you can stop and start the ad, make edits or just try different techniques until you find what works best.

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