One of the most important elements in the success of your event is how to drive attendee satisfaction. Because your event is competing with other events, demanding schedules and online options, keeping attendees engaged is more important than ever before.

Top Ways How to Drive Attendee Satisfaction

Making sure conference attendees are satisfied is simply a matter of organization, considering what attendees want and putting the right team of speakers and event volunteers in place to handle these needs. Some of the things you’ll want to consider as you plan your conference with attendee satisfaction in mind include:

Choose the Best Topics

Since sessions will make up the biggest part of your event, you’ll want to ensure that you have the best topics possible presented by dynamic speakers. If you’ve followed other advice on this blog, you should already have:

  • A variety of topics in different categories
  • A mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions
  • A speaker who is experienced and dynamic (you’ve viewed YouTube videos or samples of other workshops from these speakers)
  • Unique topics

Now might be a good time to take a second look at your workshop sessions and make sure there are no repeats or topics that just don’t fit. If the speaker is a good fit, but you’re uncertain about the topic, ask the speaker to rework the session topic a bit to make it more immediate to conference attendees.

Get Attendees Involved

One of the best ways to make sure attendees feel engaged is to get them involved in some way. Feeling like they have a purpose at the event will help drive attendee satisfaction. There are many different ways to get attendees involved:

  • Voting for a contest winner
  • Running a game show during meetings with the entire group and calling attendees up on stage
  • Asking for volunteers for various jobs and rewarding them with small prizes
  • Presenting interactive workshops and Q&A sessions
  • Offer welcome parties and icebreaker events to help give attendees networking opportunities
  • Start a social media campaign before, during and after the event
  • Ask attendees to share real-time updates on social media as well because it can keep even the quietest attendee engaged

Pay Attention to the Details

In a conference world where all other things are going smoothly, paying attention to the little details can make a big impact on how satisfied attendees are with the event. Once the big events are planned, the venue secured, the speakers chosen, start looking at other things you can do to make attendees feel part of the event.

  • Match first-time attendees with veteran attendees to show them the ropes.
  • If possible, write personal notes to each attendee and welcome him to the event.
  • Train your team to talk to everyone throughout the conference and not just focus on those they know. Feeling isolated and overlooked will not drive satisfaction from your attendees.
  • Offer real-time updates via SMS to keep attendees on track throughout the day and to prevent anyone missing an important event, like the keynote’s address.

Give Them Their Money’s Worth

Consider the pricing of your event carefully. With more and more organizations offering online or hybrid conferences, you want to make sure you’re being truly competitive. What does your conference have to offer that’s of more value and just how much is that offering worth?

If you aren’t offering a special certification, you’ll want to keep costs as low as possible. At the same time, you want to be sure the venue will be comfortable for the attendees or they may be dissatisfied.

Remember Who the Customer Is

There’s an old saying in the business world and that is that “the customer is always right”. This same principle holds true for event attendees. If one of your conference goers is upset, do your best to rectify whatever problem he is facing. Treat each attendee with respect and offer them quality content that you’d want to experience yourself and your attendees will be highly satisfied and willing to tell others how great your event is.

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