Managing to market cooking event businesses to potential attendees can involve getting a little creative. Whether it’s using Pinterest or Instagram, there are many methods to promote your awesome cooking classes that don’t involve traditional (and often expensive) advertising.

Beyond social media, another low-cost marketing technique involves creating ebooks. Many successful businesses have realized the power of ebooks and use them to promote products and services. Since cooking is visual and instructional, ebooks may be the perfect content format for cooking event businesses.

The Benefits of eBooks

When thinking about content marketing for cooking events, there are many different types of content to choose from. Why ebooks? Here are several reasons to use ebooks to market cooking events. Ebooks:

  • Are relatively easy to make. Just create a PDF!
  • Can be used as a marketing tool and an additional source of income.
  • Have long-term relevance at any stage of your business
  • Are easy for an audience to share with their friends
  • Help cooking event businesses gain exposure

Overall, ebooks are a low-risk and easily shareable alternative to traditional book publishing. It doesn’t take forever to create a good ebook and benefit from lasting business promotion.

Creating a Cooking Ebook

An ebook contains content your potential attendees find valuable. Are they interested in quick recipes? Create an ebook that highlights a few simple recipes! This can act as teaser for related cooking classes and position your event business as one that knows their stuff.

Start with a single subject that entices your audience and stick to that. For example, if your ebook is titled “5 Ways to Chop an Onion,” don’t go in-depth about how to cook and season dishes with onion.

An ebook doesn’t have to be incredibly long. It should be more substantial than a blog post, but it doesn’t need to be 100 pages long to be effective. Shoot for 10,000-20,000 words.

Make sure the design is aesthetically-pleasing with clear pictures and plenty of color. Keep paragraphs at 4 sentences maximum to give the text space to breathe and make it easier to read.

Not sure what to write about? Try doing basic keyword research to find out what people are searching for or take a look at what content on your social media pages performs the best. This can help you choose an ebook topic people will be interested in.

Tips for Using Ebooks to Market Cooking Events

How you promote your ebook can determine whether it succeeds at marketing cooking events. These tips can take your ebook to the next level.

#1. Give it Away for Free on Your Event Website

This is a strategy used by some of the most successful content marketers. By offering a free ebook, businesses can entice site visitors to sign-up for their email list, where visitors can get even more tips and tricks. A free ebook can also entice people to sign up for cooking classes.

#2. Offer the Ebook on Amazon

If you’re looking to promote your cooking event business and make some extra money, consider selling the ebook on Amazon for Kindle readers. Offering the ebook on Amazon can help increase visibility and position you as an expert.

#3. Reach out to Foodie Influencers

Influencers are the big names in your niche industry that have the potential to influence your target audience. If you don’t already know the influencers in your industry, do a bit of research.

Then contact them via email or social media and let them know you created an ebook they may be interested. If they like the ebook, they may share it to their social media audiences!

#4. Share Quotes and Teasers on Social Media

Use your social media audience to your advantage when marketing a cooking ebook. Offer interesting snippets along with an image and link to download the ebook on your website. This sneak peek will help draw social media followers to your website and make the ebook easy to share.

#5. Track the Results

As with any marketing technique, keep an eye on analytics and reporting to track whether this promotional method is successful for your cooking event business. If the data doesn’t look promising, play around with ebook content or different ways of promoting ebooks.

Now that you know the basics of creating and promoting ebooks, start producing awesome content to market cooking events and increase event attendance.