Are registrations for your event coming in at a snail’s pace? Are you worried about how to pay for the venue and other costs? Don’t worry, there are some emergency tips if registration for your event is low that you can use to ramp up the numbers.

Emergency Tips if Registration for Your Event Is Low

1. Provide More Details

One of the reasons people don’t sign up is that they don’t understand the scope of what you’re offering at your event or the value of the event for them. Look at your descriptions and see if there are any areas you need to flesh out better to entice them to register.

What value does the event offer to the attendee? How can you better communicate that? Do you have an amazing keynote speaker? Make sure you play that up.

2. Make Registration Simple

Another reason people may not be registering is that they are getting frustrated somewhere during the registration process. Assuming you are offering online registration (if you’re not, why not?), look at the different steps? It is best to limit the steps to no more than three.

People should be able to register for the event in under five minutes. Otherwise, you risk losing them to one of life’s many other demands.

3. Market More

Are you marketing your event enough? In marketing, there is a Rule of 7 that says that people need to see info on a product an average of 7 times before they take action.

Think about ways you can get the word out. The more platforms you can reach a person on the better (remember, you want them to see info on your event at least 7 times).

  • Mention the event on social media through multiple people and multiple times
  • Send out mailings to members
  • Email those who are on your mailing list
  • Mention the event on your blog
  • Mention the event in your newsletter
  • Send out a postcard
  • Send out an SMS message about registering for the event today.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency

Another thing you can do is to use Call to Action (CTA) words on your website. CTA words urge the reader to take action and act immediately. Examples:

  • Register Now
  • Sign Up Today
  • Don’t Miss This Event

While you want to be honest, you still want to encourage sign up. Don’t say you are almost full if you aren’t, for example, but do tell them to register early and save their spot. This is true for any event.

5. Check Your Sessions

Are your sessions interesting and unique? Or, are you offering the same old workshops everyone else is offering or that you’ve offered in the past?

Conference attendees are spending their hard-earned dollars and they want to know they will get value for that money. If your workshops don’t appeal, then they aren’t going to sign up.

6. Reach Out to the Community

Reach out to your regular members and attendees. Ask them to help spread the word by talking up the event on their blogs, on social media and to their friends.

If possible, try to get a few of them to host you for a Q&A session about the event. If any of them have newsletters, ask them to mention the event and even recommend it if they think it is worthwhile.

This type of personal testimony can be one of the most powerful marketing tools available.

Don’t Give Up

Even if your registration numbers are currently low, don’t give up. With a little legwork and creativity, those registrations will start rolling in. This just might turn out to be the most successful event you’ve ever held.

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