Did you know that storytelling will engage customers and make them want to read more? Did you know that every minute around 700,000 Google searches are completed? That means that online consumers are saturated with information to a tune of about 5.3 trillion ads a year. Everyone one looks there is information, data, advertising, and on and on. The only way you can possibly stand out from all that noise is to make your brand unique by sharing the story behind the product or service.

How to Engage Customers

Engage your customers by finding an example and having them follow along. Sharing a story helps the reader put himself in the shoes of the person the story is being told about, even if it is a fake person you made up. In fiction writing, there is an old saying to “show don’t tell,” which can also be applied to blog writing.

Types of stories to incorporate include:

  • Story about a customer who tried your event/service/product and it made a difference in his life.
  • Tale of two people. One is your customer, who is happy because she bought your product. The other is not your customer, and her tale is a sad one.
  • Personal narrative about why you started your event/company and how you use the product/service yourself.
  • Testimonials.

These are just a few examples of types of stories you can incorporate.

The Personal Story

Let’s look at this a little closer. This is your own personal story about why you started your company or your desire to help others. You could also share how you use the product. For example, if you own a paint and sip business, you could include a story about your little cousin’s tenth birthday and how you hosted a double digit painting party for her.

The Person I Know Story

If you don’t have a personal story, or you don’t have a strong testimonial, you can also share the “person I know” type story. This can include someone you’ve heard about, read about somewhere, and so on. So, if you run an escape room business, you might share a story you heard about a couple who met when a bank they were both banking at was robbed. When it came time to celebrate their 30th anniversary, they chose to have an escape room party with a bank robbery theme. They and their family were locked into a bank vault and spent an hour figuring out how to escape. After, they had a party with a cake and all their family and friends.

The Case Study

This is simply an in-depth look at a company or person, including specifics and statistics. This type of story adds a lot of credibility to your blog post. Lets say you host a conference every year for martial arts professionals. You might include a case study of a martial arts studio owner who attended your conference last year, went home and applied some specific thing he learned, and increased his sales volume by 200%.  Use hard numbers to prove that your business helped his business.

More Ways to Engage Customers


Keep your customers enthused with a variety of stories and media types. When information contains multimedia (text, videos, images), it gets a 77% higher response rate. Incorporate unique stories and include images and videos whenever possible to make the most impact humanly possible on your audience.