The popularity of escape room venues embraces all types of events and businesses. A bachelor party is an excellent candidate for such a venue.

Escape Rooms and How They Work

In 2007, the first physical escape rooms appeared in Japan. The goal of an escape room event is to lock a group of attendees inside so they must work together deciphering clues and solving various puzzles and riddles in order to escape. The group races against the clock to find the key that unlocks the door and to escape.

This event is an adventure that should be a lot of fun for the participants.

  • Each puzzle or riddle the group solves takes them to another that leads them closer to escaping as the clock counts down.
  • When the final puzzle/riddle is solved and the challenge successfully met before the timer goes off, the attendees are rewarded with the key to unlock the venue door and finally escape.

Setting-Up a Bachelor Party Escape Room

The main goal for event planners is to ensure the attendees have an adventure that’s fun, exciting and entertaining. The décor should reflect the theme, including furniture and fixtures.

The majority of escape rooms allow 60-minutes to escape. Various clues and other elements necessary for the progression of puzzle-solving challenges are hidden throughout the room. Keep clue, riddles and puzzles simple, but challenging.

  • Give enough clues to keep the group moving about the room.
  • Hide the key in the room.

There are a few items needed to guarantee a successful venue:

  • Props: Tools, items, objects, décor, decorations, furnishings, etc.
  • Puzzles, Riddles and Clues: Hide or attach to various items in the room.
  • Costumes: Select pieces appropriate for theme, such as hats, wigs, beards, clothing, etc.
  • Gamemaster: Guides group to room, explains game rules, offers hints when needed.
  • Hints: If the group stalls, the Gamemaster assists by giving a hint over a loudspeaker to restart the game.
  • Photos: Take photos of group before and after. Some themes may allow a photographer to be in the escape room snapping photos throughout the event.
  • Set Ground Rules: Instruct the group what can and cannot be done in the room, such as no breaking of objects, windows, furniture, no clues are hidden in light fixtures or electrical outlets, no touching of actors/photographer in rooms, etc.

Escape Room Themes

There are several themes that are ideal for this type of evening entertainment for the groom and his entourage.

Art Gallery

Guests pretend to be international art thieves sent into an art gallery to steal a rare locket portrait. They must follow the clues and solve riddles to find the hidden locket and get out of the room before the police arrive.

Zombie Escape

This popular theme can be set up in a multi-room facility or simply one room.


Each room has a timer and the group must solve a puzzle or puzzles within the allotted time in order to escape into the next room and away from the zombies that enter when the timer goes off.

You can make this more exciting by having real doors that can be locked/unlocked. The excitement builds as the group barely escapes the zombies as they storm into the other side of the room.

The Gamemaster can also serve as the key master or simply hide the keys in each room and allow the guests to unlock/lock the doors for a heightened experience.

Single Room

When using a single room, tie a lone zombie (an actor) in the corner of the room and with each passing five minutes that the puzzle goes unsolved, one foot of the zombie’s rope is released. The group’s excitement rises as the zombie moves closer. If they succeed, they find the key and escape the tethered zombie. (Be sure that players understand they are never to touch the actor zombie.)

At this point, the attendees can be ushered into a celebration room to enjoy food and drinks and share their experiences.

International Spy

The group is told they are investigating a spy ring.

Their mission is to:

  • Break into an office.
  • Search for evidence linking a specific office worker to the spy ring.
  • Discover where the office spy plans to make a drop the following day.
  • Arm the attendees with flashlights, notebooks and pens and direct them to the office.

When the group enters the room, an alarm is tripped, lights blink and a siren goes off. Before they can react, the door slams behind them – locked.

The Gamemaster instructs them over the loudspeaker to abandon the mission and find the hidden key to unlock the door and get out before the spy discovers them.

You can add various puzzles, riddles and clues to the office setting. Remind the group of the time remaining in their search for the key every five minutes to heighten the game.

Once the group escapes the office, it’s time to party!

Bachelor Versus Bachelorette Competition

Make this a competition by holding a Bachelor versus Bachelorette venue. This is a combination party with two separate rooms where the two groups compete against each other to be the first to escape their room. At the end of the game, the two groups rejoin for food, drink and celebration, recounting their adventures.

After the Escape

Once the group has escaped, it’s time to retire to the party room filled with decorations, food and favors that repeat the escape room theme. At the end of the evening, present the groom (and bride if a competition game) an album filled with photo prints of the evening, along with digital copies on flash drives for him and his guests. Hosting escape rooms for bachelor parties is another great way to increase your event revenue.