Everyone loves free stuff. This doesn’t just mean raffle prizes, but also small freebies. Anything useful someone doesn’t have to pay for is generally appreciated, especially when it is unexpected.

“Swag” is slang for the freebies and promotional items given away during or after events. A swag bag is well put together and includes multiple goodies to delight event goers.

Uses for Event Swag

While swag shouldn’t be the main reason someone attends your events, it can be a nice addition that helps create an event brand attendees love and remember.

There are many purposes for swag:

  • Promoting your business
  • Promoting your sponsors
  • Thanking attendees
  • Appreciating vendors
  • Thanking speakers
  • Appreciating VIPs

The purpose swag serves at your events might depend on your budget, your brand, and your business aims. For example, it might make sense to offer higher-end freebies to a select group of attendees, vendors, or speakers, depending on your goals and resources.

The trick to mastering swag is to give away products that people actually want and will use. The worst case scenario is people receive swag they’d rather throw in the trash can than take home.

Although extra pens are usually welcomed, offering more unique freebies can delight attendees and leave a lasting impression.

7 Creative Swag Bag Additions

#1. Phone Chargers

Everyone needs an extra phone charger, or three. How often do you find yourself wondering where one disappeared to? Phone chargers are a practical item that will keep attendees powered up through the event.

Free travel and car chargers can also be a big hit. Make sure to order Apple-certified chargers, as well as universal Android phone chargers.

#2. Branded Notebooks

Pens are a staple at events, but what about notebooks? At an inspiring event, it’s common for people to jot down notes. If attendees don’t already come prepared with their own form of note taking, this freebie is an instant hit.

#3. Quality T-Shirts

Skip ordering cheap t-shirts with your logo emblazoned on the front. Take the time to design an event t-shirt that has meaning to attendees and fits with your brand.

Add a clever or funny quote or an appealing image. Putting in the effort to create a quality promotional t-shirt will ensure people actually wear it, promoting your brand to others. Also, when the attendee wears that shirt, they are likely to think about your event.

#4. Water Bottles

Free water bottles are great. They’re almost always put to use and fairly cheap for event businesses to purchase.

Similar to the t-shirt point, it pays to think of a creative design attendees will appreciate, as opposed to just plastering your logo on a plastic water bottle.

Another plus of giving out reusable water bottles? It’s more eco-friendly compared to disposable water bottles.

#5. Food

Snacks are always a hit at events, especially longer ones with longer stretches without meals. This swag won’t last long, but it’ll please your guests.

Try some creative food ideas that will start a conversation, such as flavored chocolates or retro candies.

#6. Earphones

Earphones are another item everyone could always use more of. Everyone listens to something, whether it’s podcasts, music, or videos.

Attendees will appreciate branded, free earbuds. Since people often wear earphones in public, a lot of people will see your logo and become aware of your brand.

#7. Grow-Your-Own Plant

If your event is geared toward an eco-conscious crowd, grow-your-own goodies can be a big hit.

Give event attendees small pots with herb or vegetable seeds and potting soil, or skip the seeds and give away a plant. This goodie will last a long time and keep the memory of your event alive.

Make sure when coming up with any idea for freebies, your brand, or the brand of your sponsors, is at the forefront. No matter if you are thanking speakers or attendees, successfully promoting your brand is key to creating a lasting impression.

Goodie bags that include any of these creative swag ideas are sure to delight attendees.