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Website Integration

Calendar Plugin

Add a calendar of events to your website with ease.

Upcoming Events Plugin

Include a list of upcoming events on different pages of your website with this plugin.

Mobile Responsive

Designed to work on any device from desktops to mobile devices.

Full Event/Booking Website

Build out a complete website with full control over the design, pages and content.

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Online Registration

Payment Processing

Secure online payment processing to collect ticket revenue 24/7.

Secure SSL

All payment transactions are processed using SSL that encrypts and secures the data.

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Event Management

Streamlined Event Creation

No HTML coding is needed. Simply add an even title, description and a few additional bits of information. Save and the event displays for attendees to register online.

Duplicate Existing Events

Easily create a new event from an existing one and change only what is needed.

Wait List

Capture a list of people interested when the event sells out should any cancelations happen you can keep it filled.

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Question Builder

Event Questions

Include questions to be asked for one or all events during an attendee’s checkout.

Ticket Questions

Have specific questions for a given ticket, include them during an attendee’s checkout.

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Multiple Ticket Types

Create one or multiple tickets that are free or paid.

Full Ticket Control

Control when to show, sellable ticket windows, hide when sold out and more.

Ticket Limits

Set a limit on the number of tickets available for each ticket.

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Coupon / Discount Codes

Custom Codes

Use the generated codes or create custom codes for specific purposes such as a personalized code for a party or occasion.

Import Codes

Import discount codes from popular coupon sites such as Groupon, LivingSocial and others.

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Gift Certificates

Sell Online

Offer different gift certificate values and limits for your attendees to purchase.

Redeemable Online

Gift certificates can be redeemed online by your attendees while checking out.


View important details around used and outstanding gift certificates.

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Online Store

Manage Products

Create and manage products that can be sold online.

Collect Tax

Input your tax rates to collect taxes when applicable.

Shipping Rates

Customizable shipping rate structure allow you to set and collect shipping fees during checkout.

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Point of Sale

Walk-in Registration

Create new registrations at the event for attendees that have not registered online.

Cash Registrations

Easily collect attendee details even when they pay cash, to ensure accurate reporting.

Easy Check-ins

Track attendee check-ins to prevent missed revenue.

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Email Messages

Order Confirmation

When an attendee registers, they are sent tickets in an order confirmation. Organizers can also get order confirmation emails.

Event Reminder

To reduce no shows and last minute cancelations, the system can send event reminder emails to attendees.

Event Follow-up

Send a follow-up thank you message to attendees.

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Page SEO

You have the ability to include SEO keywords and descriptions for each page you create in the system.

Rich Snippets for Events

Google has updated their search algorithm to favor events using Rich Snippets. In addition, the events will display in google results in a formatted way.

Social Media Snippets

We’ve included snippets to ensure events show correctly in popular social media sites.

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Reporting and Analytics


Quickly see metrics for upcoming events to keep close tabs on how you are doing.

Recent Transactions

See details around recent purchases that attendees have made.

Revenue Reports

Understand how your organization is doing and the revenue you are making.

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We have over 80 processes and help articles to guide you through the use of the platform.


We’ve created videos that show how to do specific tasks within the system. Seeing is sometimes easier to learn something new.

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We are here to help. If you can’t find answers in our help documentation, reach out via email or phone.

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