Email Messages

Staying in touch with attendees via email is one of the best ways to stay on top of the needs of your attendees. However, sending out an email from your server can create an overload that bogs down your whole website. With Attendee Events, you can send reminders and follow-up email messages to your attendees automatically. Never forget an important reminder again.

Order Confirmation

When an attendee registers, they are sent tickets in an order confirmation. Organizers can also get order confirmation emails. This assures the registrant that they are confirmed to attend the event and keeps you up to date on how many people have registered for the event.

Event Reminder

To reduce no shows and last minute cancellations, the system can send event reminder emails to attendees. You can set the reminders to go out at certain time intervals and even customize how the message reads.

Event Follow-Up

After your event is no time to go silent. Send a follow-up thank you message to attendees, ask them for feedback to improve your event next year, and let them know you still care about them and want them to get the most from the experience they possibly can.

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