Event Management

Event management is at the core of what we do and how we make your event come together seamlessly. Organizers can properly add a schedule of events to their calendars as far in advance as they wish. Schedule instructors for different events and add details about times, days, and the instructor. Flexible locations allow you to schedule events at any number of locations. Easily tag your events allowing you to easily categorize and display events.

Streamlined Event Creation

No HTML coding knowledge is needed. Simply add an event title, description and a few additional bits of information. Save and the event displays for attendees to register online.

Duplicate Existing Events

Easily create a new event from an existing one and change only what is needed. Save time because you don’t have to create similar events from scratch each and every time, but can simple tweak minor changes.

Wait List

If your event sells out, use the wait list feature to capture a list of people interested in attending. If a cancellation occurs, you can easily notify your waiting list and fill those empty spots. The waiting list can also help you better understand demand so you can plan accordingly for future events.

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