Flexible Ticketing

When it comes to selling tickets to your event, it’s important that you have ultimate control. Tickets can have a window of availability as well as a maximum number of tickets available, keeping you from overselling or underselling. Set registration capacity on events to ensure you don’t get stuck with an oversold event. Create a discount that will only work on one particular ticket or event.

Multiple Ticket Types

Do you need to create multiple tickets for the same event? Whether you want to create different levels or create some paid and some free, Attendee Events can help with that. Completely flexible booking allows you to run discounts and promotions, too.

Full Ticket Control

Control when to show different types of tickets and prices. Create sellable ticket windows. Hide tickets when they are sold out. Full control of how, when and where different types of ticket options appear is available with a click of the mouse here and there.

Ticket Limits

Easily set a limit on the number of tickets available for each ticket type. This allows you to automatically control your inventory to your event without having to constantly check on how many tickets are left to sell. This saves you time and allows you to sell up to the moment of the event without overselling.

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