Gift Certificates

The entire gift certificate process is automated and requires no input from the organizers. Once a certificate value is determined, attendees can purchase GCs through the site. They receive the gift certificate automatically and have a copy emailed to them. The GC is available for the user to redeem any time on their own or give to another individual. Purchasers can check the value of GCs at any time on the site. Administrators can gain valuable information about the GCs that have been sold and what GCs have been redeemed. All in real time.

Sell Online

Offer different gift certificate values and limits for your attendees to purchase. This can come in handy for those who wish to gift all or part of an event’s cost to someone. For example, a company might pay for half of their employee’s attendance to your event. You can promote these gift certificates as a great gift to ask for because they can be combined to pay for the complete event.

Redeemable Online

Gift certificates can be redeemed online by your attendees while checking out. The attendee simply enters the certificate number and the amount will be applied to the total, reducing the overall total due.


At any time, you can view important details about those holding gift certificates as well as which ones are still outstanding and which ones have been redeemed.

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