Online Store

Have a few products that you would like to sell online to your attendees? We’ve got you covered! You can create products that can be purchased during the checkout process with or without tickets. This gives you the flexibility to create any solution you may need and an additional stream of revenue for your event.

Manage Products

Create and manage products that can be sold online. Easily add new products, control inventory, and change prices when necessary. It’s as easy as filling in few empty fields to create a beautiful online store featuring your products.

Collect Tax

Input your tax rates to collect taxes when applicable. You can easily figure out what to collect for international, local, and nationwide tax rates.

Shipping Rates

Customizable shipping rate structure allow you to set and collect shipping fees during checkout. This gives you the flexibility to offer different carrier options, discounts for orders over a certain amount, and even automatic tabulation of rates based on the weight of the items purchased.

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