Point of Sale

Using the POS feature you can easily sell tickets at the door of your event. During the check-in process, you can upsell additional products to your attendees. POS can be set up to use the default payment gateway the site uses or any variation of payment methods you use. All POS sales are logged into the platform feeding into the Business Intelligence and analytics reporting for your overall sales.

Walk-In Registration

Create new registrations at the event for attendees that have not registered online. This can allow you to continue selling tickets rather than winding up with unsold spots that might cost your organization more money than you’d like.

Cash Registrations

Easily collect attendee details even when they pay cash, to ensure accurate reporting of your overall sales totals and also so you can stay in touch after the event. This can allow you to upsell additional products, such as recordings of favorite lectures, apparel, and even registrations for next year’s event.

Easy Check-Ins

Track attendee check-ins to prevent missed revenue from no shows. You can also get a final head count for third party vendors, potentially reducing your costs if you can get those numbers to those people in time.

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