In addition to standard SEO best practices, such as using friendly URL’s, XML site maps, and meta tags,  event specific rich snippets are part of every event listing making your search result stand out. Attendee Events accomplishes this in a number of very specific, research-driven ways.

Page SEO

You have the ability to include SEO keywords and descriptions for each page you create in the system. This means that you can easily create a landing page that targets a specific keyword search and drive traffic to your page. By breaking out each page in this way, your traffic will be much more targeted and your conversion rates should improve.

page seo
rich snippets for events

Rich Snippets for Events

Google has updated their search algorithm to favor events using Rich Snippets. You’re probably more familiar with snippets than you realize. When you search for a term in Google, the descriptions that are highlighted under each result are the “snippet” or description of that website page. The goal of this snippet is to entice the searcher to click through and visit your web page.

In addition, the events will display in Google results in a formatted way. Google’s bots search for the markup that will display these results and will then translate it to look the way you want. We make this process very simple for you.

Social Media Snippets

We’ve included snippets to ensure events show correctly in popular social media sites. If you want your events to be shared more frequently on social media, you’ll need to word them in a specific way and get them down to the right character count. Our system can help you achieve this quickly and easily.

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