Website Integration

Easily embed everything from a calendar to upcoming events on your website with our tools. You can add as many or as few events as you’d like. Allow your site visitors to see at a glance what events you have coming up and what they can sign up for.

Calendar Plugin

The calendar plugin allows you to easily add a calendar of events with a few quick clicks. No longer do you have to add events to multiple platforms, but you can quickly add your information to one location and have it seamlessly integrate.

Upcoming Events Plugin

Keep site visitors up to date about future happenings. Include a list of upcoming events on different pages of your website with this plugin.

mobile responsive

Mobile Responsive

A majority of Internet users now access the Internet via small screens. Attendee Events is designed to work on any device from desktops to mobile devices. The responsive design looks good no matter what type of device the person is using.

Full Event/Booking Website

If you’re going to entice visitors to explore your event and register, you’ll need more than just a booking page. With this platform, you can build out a complete website with full control over the design, pages and content.

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