Let’s face it, no matter how well you promote your event, you are only one person. Your promotions only go so far unless they go viral or you have more hands on deck helping you to promote. Fortunately, you can call on member bloggers who attend your events and get them involved in helping with promotions. As an added bonus, you’ll gain valuable backlinks to your site through their blogs, which means more traffic for you.

Getting Member Bloggers Involved

It sounds great to have an entire street team of member bloggers involved in helping you promote your event. However, the reality is that people may be reluctant to take the time needed to write up a post, tell their readers about it, and get the word out. There are a few things you can do that can encourage this level of involvement.

1. Explain the Purpose and Benefit

People will be much more willing to help you out if you can explain your goals and how those goals can help them. First, you have to know what your goal is, of course.

  • Do you want to gain more attendees at your events?
  • Advertise your business as a whole?
  • Encourage better speakers or presenters at your events?

What is your purpose for promoting in the first place? If you can explain this in a sentence or two, then it is easier to ask for help. For example, you might pick up the phone and call Rose, a regular attendee of your cooking classes.

“Hi, Rose. I am trying to get more people to come to my bread baking class, so I can get the cost of the class down for everyone.”

See how a purpose and benefit is clearly stated? Now, you try to come up with a short statement that signifies your purpose and the benefit to the member blogger in helping you out.

2. Ask for Help

Another part of this equation is explaining why you need the member bloggers’ help getting the word out. Think through the reasons why you need help. Here are a few ideas:

  • I need help because I am so busy developing new classes that I don’t have time for promotion.
  • You do a great job reaching out to leads. I don’t have time to reach out to new customers, and I would love your help in this area.
  • I need help because I want my business to grow faster.

Just be honest about your reasons. Most people can understand if you want your business to grow. Loyal customers will appreciate your need to be successful in order to stay in business.

3. Explain Why You Want the Member Bloggers to Help Specifically

Why do you want this particular attendee to help you get the word out about your event? Here are some possible reasons:

  • The person runs a successful blog with the audience you need to reach.
  • You have read the member blogger’s work and they are a persuasive writer.
  • The attendee is a regular and understands what you have to offer and apparently likes it or he would not keep returning.

Don’t just send out a generic letter to every member on your list. Be very focused on why you choose the member bloggers you choose and why you are asking that person to represent your brand on their blog.

4. Offer an Incentive

It doesn’t hurt to offer an incentive for the person to share info about your events on their blog. After all, they are giving you access to an exclusive list of readers they may have spent years getting to know. Some incentives you might wish to offer, include:

  • Free class
  • Discount on the next event they attend
  • Link back to their site
  • Gift cards and prizes

What types of things might your attendees who are also bloggers enjoy? For example, if you run an escape room business, could you offer a free session for two to the person blogging about you? They could even use the experience to complete their write up on the blog.

What Form Should the Blog Post Take?

You might be wondering what type of post the member blogger should place on their blog. The truth is that whatever format they want is probably the one that would work best. They know their readers far better than you do. They know if their readers like a review or prefer a series of photos showing an event. Let the blogger make the choice and you’ll most likely be thrilled with the response.