There are several ways of getting the word out about your local event. You can reach potential new clients when you turn to local marketing venues.

Human Interest Story

An age-old free advertising opportunity to gain attention is through a local newspaper, TV and radio station. You can plan your event so it has a unique interest to these local news reporting venues and possibly gain a spotlight or two.

A few examples of ideas that can stir local media to highlight your event and even possibly conduct an in-person interview. In addition, you can promote your event via your normal local marketing channels.

Martial Arts

  • Host a competition that is sure to be a newsworthy event.
  • Invite a renowned guest instructor to teach at your event.
  • Hold a free class at a school prior to your event.
  • Offer tips for women’s defense highlighted on local TV.

Paint and Sip

  • Invite a news worthy guest artist to speak before your group.
  • Feature a class or series on specific art movement, such as Impressionist.
  • Offer to highlight a specific technique for a human interest TV slot or print.
  • Partner with a local gallery or art museum to boost visibility.


  • Sponsor a giveaway with one-on-one instruction with a newsworthy chef or a cooking set.
  • Host a mini-preview of your event with a local group/organization.
  • Offer coupons for a free class or session during your event.
  • Partner with a cooking supplier for a giveaway during your event.
  • Partner with a school or non-profit and host a local bake sale, before or during your event.

Escape Room

  • Take advantage of seasonal celebrations, such as a Halloween themed escape room event.
  • Invite a magician/escape artist to participate for a human interest slant.
  • Offer a unique theme depicting a history event, ghost story, etc.

Other Ideas for Getting the Word Out

  • Offer local discounts for a set time period for purchasing tickets.
  • Donate a percentage of the proceeds to a local charity, volunteer fire department, or local police.
  • Partner with a local school to donate a percentage of proceeds to a specific program.
  • Conduct a local poll.
  • Hold a themed online scavenger hunt prior to your event.
  • Offer discounts to schools, organizations or related groups.

Social Media and Local Outlets

You can engage local businesses, organizations and groups on social media. Become a regular participant so fellow local residents recognize your name and that of your business. Be careful not to post advertisements, unless the group allows this.

  • Join a local business Facebook page that encourages networking and advertising. Post coupons and discounts along with upcoming event news and pictures.
  • Create a Facebook Event Page and use targeted news feed ads.
  • Contact your local Chamber of Commerce for mention in the monthly newsletter (must be a member of the chamber).
  • Start a #hastag for your event that will appeal to locals.
  • Advertising on online and physical community boards.
  • Place notices in church, synagogue and other religious meeting places bulletins and boards.
  • Print flyers to distribute or hand out. Ask to place a stack at a related business and offer to reciprocate.
  • Purchase ads on local websites, newspapers, and radio and TV stations.

There are other ways for getting the word out about your event that range from free word of mouth to paid advertisements. A little creativity can create a buzz about your event to draw new local clients.