When you think about promoting your event, you might not immediately think about holiday promotions as part of your strategy. However, creative holiday promotions can increase your profits. Tying your event to a holiday or promoting on holidays lets you leverage efforts to get the word out and create even more buzz for your event.

Ideas for Holiday Promotions

There are many ways to tie your event into holiday promotions. Here are a few:

Idea # 1: Black Friday Holiday Promotions

These days, it seems like nearly every business offers a Black Friday or Cyber Monday discount. If your event is in the spring, hosting a pre-registration event in the days following Thanksgiving can spur additional registrations you otherwise might not have gotten. Use your Black Friday sales to reach a new audience.

Idea # 2: Holiday Giveaways

Lesser known holidays might be a good time to offer a giveaway of some sort. Do you have leftover promotional items from last year’s conference? This is a great time to have a drawing and give them away. Or, you can host a contest to get buzz going about your event. Just make sure any giveaways tie into your branding and will help you reach your target demographic.

Idea # 3: Open House Event

If you hold events in the town you’re based in, such as for escape rooms or cooking classes, then consider having a holiday open house. This will give local customers the opportunity to see what you have to offer, to get to know you and your staff, and hopefully to walk away wanting to attend a future event.

Idea # 4: Holiday Themed Events

Another idea is to actually host an event with a holiday theme. For example, if you run a paint and sip store, you can offer a Santa themed night complete with a Santa painting, Santa shaped cookies, and the jolly old elf himself making an appearance. This could turn into an amazing family event for clients in your area.

Idea # 5: Promotional Videos

Use a holiday to illustrate how much fun your events are. For example, if you run a dance studio, showcase your dancers doing parts of the Nutcracker Ballet. If you own a restaurant, promote special desserts you offer in November and December. You get the idea. What is special about you during the holidays and how can you highlight this for potential customers?

Idea # 6: Send Cards to Past Attendees

Send personalized Christmas cards to past attendees and wish them a happy holiday season. Don’t just stamp a card and send out a mass email, but take the time to hand write some personal notes for your attendees or at least your most loyal ones. Remind Mary about the amazing speech she gave to introduce the keynote last year and how much you appreciate her willingness to do so. Tell John how much you enjoy the jokes he always tells you at meet and greet night. Show your attendees that you appreciate who they are and what unique elements they bring to your conference.

Idea # 7: Offer Gift Cards

Perhaps there are people who would love to attend a cooking class or a paint and sip session, but they would never go out and purchase a class on their own. If you allow people to purchase gift cards to be used at a later date, you can reach new customers and increase your bottom line. If Mary loves your paint and sip sessions and isn’t sure what to buy as a gift for her co-workers, she just may go ahead and give them the gift of a class or two. This allows you to both reach new customers and up-sell to your current client base.

Unless your event is actually held on a holiday, you might not immediately think about tying the marketing into that day. However, you might be missing out on some amazing marketing opportunities you can’t utilize at any other time of the year.