When people take the time to go to an event, they usually want to learn something new, have an experience, and document it all. Offering a photo booth at your event allows them an entertaining way to take a snapshot of the fun times they had. However, you’ll want to do more than just rent a photo booth for it to have maximum impact.

How to Maximize a Photo Booth at Your Event

You can easily rent a photo booth in almost any location you are hosting an event. However, just sticking a photo booth up in the corner isn’t going to do to make it memorable. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to maximize this fun activity.

Offer Props that Tie Into Your Theme or Industry

The props are what make a photo booth fun. You can buy novelty items such as big sunglasses, cowboy hats, and other general props from local party supply stores or places like Oriental Trading. However, coming up with props that match a theme or your industry can be a lot of fun as well.

  • Choose a decade and offer props. For example, a 70s theme could include headbands, flowers, tie-dye shirts, etc.
  • If your industry is specific, you might be able to tie the props into that. Let’s say you are having a cooking event. You could offer chef hats, pizza hats, huge spoons and forks, etc.
  • Pick other themes for which there are plenty of props available and carry it over into the decor for the event. Themes that lend themselves well to this type of event include Mardi Gras, Hawaiian, Under the Sea, Las Vegas, etc.

The more unique you can make the props, the more unique the pictures will be.

Point a Sign to the Photo Booth at Your Event

It’s important that people know where to find your photo booth. Make it easy to find. Here are some ideas:

  • Place the booth at the front of the event venue so people see it right when they walk in.
  • Create a large sign that says “Photo Op” with blinking lights and hang above the photo booth.
  • Appoint someone to go around and encourage everyone to get their photos taken at the photo booth.

Make it as easy as possible for people to participate in the fun of a photo booth activity.

Ask for Social Media Shares

You may be wondering why you would bother with a photo booth when people have cell phones. However, the fun of taking an old fashioned style photo booth picture is often too much for people to resist. You can gain a lot of promotional traction out of a photo booth by asking people to share their best photo booth photos on social media.

  • Come up with a hashtag for the photo booth and your event and ask users to hashtag the photos they upload. Example: #cookoffphotos
  • Hold a contest and choose the best photo uploaded with that hashtag. Offer a prize, such as a gift card or free registration for the next event.
  • Compile all the photos into a collage (with permission of users, of course) and add it to the overall conference details to make people want to attend next year.

A photo booth is an interesting addition to any event. It can bring a level of fun and frivolity that might otherwise be lacking and serve as a good conversation topic as people compare their photos and share them on social media.