Video is one of the most talked about social media marketing trends and for good reason. Social media users love the interactive nature of video compared to text or photos.

Marketers who use video not only use it to sell products or promote their brand, they entertain viewers. This makes video dual purpose. While the marketer’s end goal is to increase ROI, they must use video in a way that keeps viewers engaged and, ideally, entertained.

According to a report by Brightcove, 67% of consumers are watching more video on social media networks than they did a year ago. The average consumer now watches 6 hours of video on social media each week.

If you’re unsure of why you should be using video or how to use video on social media, keep reading.

Mind-Blowing Video Statistics

When thinking about changing up your social media strategy, you may be wondering why using video is worth the investment. These stats illustrate how publishing video on social media can supercharge your event marketing, regardless of the audience.

  • 74% connect watching a video on social media with their purchase-making decision
  • 62% of consumers discover video content by scrolling through their social media news feed
  • 45% of people said they’re likely to tell family and friends about a brand when they watch the brand’s video on social media
  • While YouTube used to be thought of as a “millennial thing,” time spent watching YouTube videos nearly tripled in 2015 among those over age 55.

The power of video isn’t limited to businesses with big production budgets. Even a video filmed on a decent quality smartphone can produce positive results.

5 Tips for Using Video on Social Media

#1. Experiment with Length

Depending on your target audience, the ideal video length may vary. Do some experimenting by playing with different video lengths. Use metrics such as views and likes to determine which works best.

#2. Add Video Subtitles

Why add subtitles if your video has sound and your audience is English speaking, you ask? Many consumers watch videos on mobile devices, but they might not always be somewhere they can watch with sound.

Adding subtitles allows consumers to watch videos anywhere, even in public spaces. It also allows hearing impaired individuals to participate in the experience.

#3. Facebook Live Video

Don’t be afraid to live-stream video to your followers. Since the premiere of Facebook Live, consumers have latched on to the rawness of the new feature.

This is an excellent way to show what your events are really like, without creating something that feels fake or overly-scripted. It also allows you to see likes and comments in real-time and respond to them.

#4. Add Hashtags

Using hashtags on social media will increase the visibility of your videos. Add hashtags with relevant keywords to drive video views and gain the attention of those not following your page.

Creative Ways to Use Video

When thinking about creating videos for social media, it can be overwhelming thinking about where to start. Here are some ideas to get you going.

#1. Show Viewers How to Do Something

How-to videos are one of the most popular types of videos watched. Teach viewers how to do something easy that relates to your events. It could be how to make a simple appetizer or a DIY craft. These videos are entertaining and will promote what can be learned at your events without being too obvious.

#2. Showcase an Event

Events are inherently interactive and visual. Take advantage of this by recording snippets of events and posting them to social media. This will not only remind attendees of how much fun they had, it will draw the attention of people who want to join in!

#3. Respond to Questions

Have you received questions from your social media followers or event attendees? Try answering them in a fun or interesting way on video. This not only serves a practical purpose, it engages viewers and promotes your events.

#4. Go Behind the Scenes

Consider giving viewers the inside scoop on your events. Show them what they don’t see at your events, such as the setup process or the making of the handmade decorations. This is a creative way to stimulate interest in your events.

Now you’re ready to start producing stellar videos that boost your social media marketing and increase event attendance.