A study at HubSpot found that blogs that posted more than 16 posts a month got about three and a half times as much traffic than those that only posted a few times a month. However, coming up with all of those blog post ideas can be exhausting. That’s where idea starters come in handy. By looking at these idea starters, you can simply fill in the blanks and create an editorial calendar for several months out.

Dozens of Idea Starters

If you write every day, you may soon start to feel a little burned out. This can create a situation where you are blocked and can’t think of anything to write. While you can do some things to help with this, such as spending time in other creative pursuits, and reading material in your niche written by others, some days you just need something to write about already.

Below, we start with ideas specific to industries. Then, we outline some general ideas that should work for nearly any type of event or business.

Idea Starters for Conferences

If you’re hosting a conference, you will want to focus posts on the upcoming events and info that attendees will gain from the conference. Here are some ideas:

  • Interview one of the workshop presenters for an upcoming conference
  • Write a Conferences 101 post, such as “What to Wear When 101”, “First-Time Attendee Etiquette 101”, or “Getting the Most from XYZ Conference 101”.
  • Write a teaser for one of the workshop themes. For example, if someone is presenting on the topic of online promotions, you can write a short blog post that outlines a few ideas and then at the end of the post share that they can get more in-depth info by attending the workshop.

Cooking Event Ideas

Cooking events are quite different from conferences and require a different subset of topics, such as:

  • Share a recipe that you’ll teach them how to cook in one of your classes.
  • Take photos of a class, the amazing food prepared and share a photo essay.
  • Add a video teaching how to make a sauce or dessert.
  • Review cookware
  • Write about what wines pair well with what meals

Starters for Paint and Sip

Paint and sip businesses can offer a wide array of events for customers, but when it comes to blog posts you may run out of ideas. Here are some to get you started:

  • Best ways to display your canvas from a paint and sip event
  • Ideas to make your paint and sip birthday party extra special (take along party favors, etc.)
  • Updates on upcoming events
  • Interview with one of the paint and sip instructors
  • Recipe for a cocktail
  • Run down of famous paintings throughout history

Dance Classes Blog Post Ideas

When writing a dance class blog, your target audience is most likely parents and older students (teens and up). Some ideas for things to post:

  • Dance costumes latest fashions
  • Photos from the last dance recital and a recap of what went on
  • Tips for stretching
  • How to get better at a specific dance move
  • Videos of particularly good dances
  • Short, instructional videos
  • Highlight of an instructor, their background, and some things you might not know about them

Starters for Escape Rooms

If you run an escape room business, then you may want to write about things such as:

  • Tips for how to escape the scenarios.
  • Survival tips for real life situations one might need to escape.
  • Interviews with survival experts.
  • Top tools to have on hand when you need to escape from a car, room, etc.
  • Photos of people who’ve been to your escape room and escaped.

General Idea Starters

If you host a different type of event or need additional ideas, here are a few more:

  • Top 10 Ways to _____
  • How to be the Best at _____
  • Recap of a recent event related to your industry
  • Most Talked About Myths in _____
  • Best Apps for _____
  • Share a personal story about why you got into the business, your first conference, etc.
  • Interview an expert for a different perspective
  • Review a book in your industry
  • Share a YouTube video that relates somehow and then offer a recap of it and why you think it is helpful to your readers
  • Answer a question a reader has posed but give a very in-depth and researched answer

When all else fails, send out a survey and ask your readers what topics they’d like to see you cover. You can also bring in a writer to share in some of the work and add fresh ideas to the topic.

With just a little work, you can come up with fresh blog post ideas that drive traffic to your event site.