The escape room has become one of the most popular ways for a group to have fun for bachelorette or bachelor parties, company team building events and simple evening fun for individuals, couples and groups.

Themes for Escape Room Birthday Parties

Escape room birthday parties are fast becoming popular for adults. Birthday parties are a great way to expand your escape room business and reach new clientele.

Some possible themes include:

  • Escape the Zombie: Solve series of puzzles and riddles before the zombie in the room escapes.
  • Murder Mystery: Use CSI techniques for puzzle solving.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Solve crime by discovering and connecting the clues.
  • Warhead Heist: Stop rogue group from using their bomb on the world.
  • Abandoned Space Shuttle: Get on board and discover what happened.
  • Movie Themes: Solve puzzles and riddles and find clues with themes, such as Tomb Raider, World War Z, Da Vinci Code and others.

You can cater to all age groups or you may decide to tap into the market of children’s birthday parties.

Escape Room Birthday Parties for Kids

Not all escape room events have to be for people 21 years and older. An escape room birthday party is a growing trend for younger people. From teens and college students to much younger children (5-12), escape room birthday parties provide an adventure that is fun and rewarding.

Two-Hour Birthday Party

Most escape room adventures for a children’s birthday party last for one hour with a second hour spent celebrating the win with a birthday cake and other party games.

Escape the Classroom

Red Tricycle suggests one of the popular games for kids’ birthday escape room is “Escape the Classroom”. The game is designed for 5-8 year olds. The children are locked inside a mock classroom. They’re provided with linear puzzles, clues and riddles, with one leading to the next until they are guided to the key to unlock the classroom door.

Large Birthday Parties

If a child is having a large birthday party, then the kids can be divided into two teams with each team having thirty minutes to escape the classroom. Most event planners use one room with the two teams taking turns. If the party guests are more than 20, you may need to double up on the escape classroom to keep the party moving within the one hour timeline for escaping the classroom.

The Waiting Room

While one team tries to escape from the mock classroom, the other team is set-up in the waiting room. This room features several areas for the kids to play. The kids have play time until it’s their turn to enter the escape classroom.

Some of the areas offered include:

  • A small craft activity led by one of your staff.
  • Coloring book station.
  • Chalkboard wall lots of colored chalk
  • Dress up costume area.
  • Karaoke machine.

Be sure you have someone in each room to take photos of the events going on so the birthday child will have lots reminders of this special event.

Helpful Tips Escape Room for Kids’ Birthday Party

There are a few things you can do to make an escape room birthday party for kids easier and more enjoyable. These include:

  • Ask for a Hint: Give kids instructions on how and when to ask for a hint.
  • Clues: You can hide clues taped underneath a vase or inside a book and other items in the room.
  • Key: Make it realistic by providing a real key that unlocks a real lock.
  • Flashlights: Most rooms are either dark or dimly lit, so be sure to provide each child with a flashlight.
  • Assist and Guide: Staffers should assist and guide the kids as needed to solve a puzzle if the children seek help.

Escape Room Idea Supplier

The HAHA Shop Room Escape Game Supplier offers a wealth of help for designing your escape room games. The original scenarios are designed for larger or small and a wide variety of kinds of games.

Original Scenarios give you many choices for various games for birthday parties.

Each scenario includes:

  • Plot-related puzzles.
  • Offer non-mechanical, semi-mechanical, full mechanical chamber designs.
  • The clues are specific to the scene for a better experience.

A typical Scenario includes:

  • Puzzles
  • 3D layout drawing
  • Flat layout drawing
  • Main items link
  • Poster link
  • Pictures link
  • List of props and equipment required (No props or equipment included.)

The company can create customized scenarios. This might be desirable for clients wanting specific themes or games.

You can also purchase 50 packages such as:

  • Puzzles Package
  • Logic riddles package
  • Prop riddles package

Creative and Consistent

Most escape room owners don’t share the details of their games, so you’ll want to guard the details of your game to keep them unique to your company. You may need to change some of your games to keep everything fresh.