Pre-Registration is vital to the success of any event. Online registration offers you one of the best ways to achieve this goal. There are several techniques you can incorporate in your event promotional efforts to increase pre-registration.

Use Mnemonics for Event Name

Getting people to remember your event is often a challenge. If they can’t remember the name of your event, they won’t be able to tell others about it during a conversation. That’s where mnemonics (techniques that aid memory) can play an important part of your event.

  • The Telegraph offers several clever ways to remember things; one is the art of rhyming.
  • TIME describes how, “Medical students have long used rhymes and songs to help them master vast quantities of information…”

You may find this a viable technique for your event. For example, a cooking school offering a Halloween themed cookie class/event could be titled Spooky Cookies.

Increase Pre-Registration with Infographics

One of the most underrated methods for getting your message across is with an infographic. You can use this tool to generate higher traffic and increase pre-registration for your event.

Course Hero explains, “The key to effective infographics lies in taking something complex and using a visual apparatus to make it simple and easy to understand.”

  • Select the best graphic design, including any photo(s) you wish to use. For example, Spooky Cookies classes should definitely feature photos of some extraordinary Halloween cookies, attendees making cookies, etc.
  • Choose words that best get your message across about your event.
  • Include the name(s) of speakers and entertainers.
  • Add date and time of event.
  • Show regular cost slashed while highlighting an early bird discount.
  • Mention free gifts for pre-registrations.
  • Include testimonies with brief quotes from previous attendees, speakers and others.
  • Be sure you feature the Pre-Registration web address (URL) with an embedded link.
  • Don’t forget to add the phone number for those wishing to pre-register via phone.

Develop Social Media Enthusiasm

Your social media platform is a ready-made marketing audience for pre-registration of your event. You can offer various incentives for pre-registration such as:

  • Discounted fees with a follow-up offer of companion tickets discount.
  • Make time sensitive with urgency wording, such as “going fast” or “limited time offer”.
  • Create a hashtag just for your event.
  • Use social media for attendees to connect with each other prior to your event.
  • Start a social media buzz about your event, such as demonstration by champion martial arts guest or a guest chef.
  • Enlist the help of your guest speakers, vendors and attendees to use your event hashtag in promoting your event on their social media networks

Create a Pre-Registration Landing Page

Utilize your website with a pre-registration landing page. Organize this page so it’s easy to navigate and is full of information about your event and also your company.

Be sure to include:

  • Pre-registration incentive details.
  • Include a photo gallery of past events.
  • Highlight event details, such as speakers, entertainment and so on.
  • If the purchase of equipment, such as cooking utensils is needed, provide extra discount incentives on this page.
  • Tell your story in a short paragraph, so visitors immediately know who you are.
  • Provide testimonials about your company and events.

Keep the Momentum Building

Once attendees have pre-registered, it’s time to keep their enthusiasm for your event building right up to the hour of your event. Give a little extra TLC with social media and email follow-ups.

  • Create a steady stream of email and/or social media news flashes, such as: “Just spoke with Chef Amelia and she’s created a scrumptious pumpkin cookie recipe just for you.”
  • Email helpful tips exclusive to pre-registration attendees, such as a new technique or free cookie cookbook.
  • Be sure to slip in a short feedback survey email for evaluating your pre-registration process.
  • Create Twitter games related to your event, such as “Who is this famous chef, martial arts champion or escape artist?” Be sure to award a prize or two.

Improving Your Pre-Registration Campaign

You can use pre-registration to ensure a successful event and build your business. Be sure to take advantage of all your resources when planning a pre-registration campaign. Use email and social media to spread the word and build excitement for your event. With a little more attention to the details, you can see an increase in pre-registration for your events.