Facebook isn’t just a place to connect with friends. It’s also a place for people to find events and business pages. With over 900 million views each day, it has become a force in modern life. Savvy advertisers understand this and are using Facebook Advertising to find new customers and reach existing ones.

By investing a small amount of time and money, businesses can leverage Facebook users with ads that look seamless and are targeted toward the right audience. Facebook Advertising for events can increase registrations and engage attendees.

Why Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising has become extremely popular. There are several reasons why:

Instant Audience

An ad on Facebook has the potential to reach a wide audience instantly. Businesses don’t have to go around searching for new leads, as they can be found in a single location.


Facebook Ads are easy to Like, Comment on, or Share. This allows Facebook users to share what they like with friends, who may also be interested. This uses audience engagement to create a snowball effect for your ad.

Audience Selection

Using the Ads Manager, advertisers can select their precise audience for an event down to an exact location or age range. This allows event companies to find potential attendees who share similar interests.

Mobile Users

People are using mobile devices more than ever to browse social media. Facebook Ads are able to target this important user group. You can even create several versions of the same ad, targeting people by the device they are browsing with.


Ads on Facebook can be created for as little as $5. Businesses can customize campaigns based on a specific budget. This makes Facebook Advertising feasible for different business sizes.


Facebook Advertising comes with insight on ad campaigns, such as page performance and engagement, so you can see which ads worked and which didn’t work.

Creating an Ad in a Few Simple Steps

Whether you want to market your event business or promote an event, creating a Facebook Ad that serves your needs is easy.

  • First, go to Facebook Ads Manager
  • Select an objective that matches your goal for the ad. Choose from clicks to website, website conversions, page post engagement, page likes, local awareness, event responses, or video views.
  • Specify an audience with many different options including location, gender, demographics, interests, and more.
  • Specify a budget for the entire ad. This can be a daily budget or a budget for the entire project. Once this money is spent, the ad campaign is over.
  • Choose a carousel format to display multiple images with different headlines, or stick with one.
  • Add images, text, and links to your ad. Follow guidelines for the objective you chose to create the best looking ad possible.
  • That’s it! Click “Place Order” and your ad is sent off for approval.

Tips for Creating Stellar Facebook Ads

Creating a successful Facebook Advertising campaign requires some consideration.

Although Facebook makes it easy to type a quick ad and send it out into Internet-land, businesses will have much more success if they stop to think about their target audience and what that audience is looking for.

#1. Choose the Right Audience

Get the most out of Facebook Advertising for events by creating a custom audience. Getting the right “fit” is important for success.

Try to keep the audience narrow enough to reach relevant users, but not so narrow that it doesn’t reach enough people. A good rule is to target at least a few thousand people.

#2. Choose the Right Objective

There are many different types of Facebook Ads, depending on your marketing objective. For example, you can choose to create an ad with a goal of gathering more website traffic, or with a goal of Facebook event registrations.

With an event, you likely have several goals. For each ad, make sure you choose the objective that correlates most with the type of ad you want to create, as the objective determines ad format.

#3. Use Video

Videos tend to resonate with people on a deeper level than photos and text. Consider creating a video ad to promote your event and upload it to a Facebook ad.

#4. Keep it Simple and Engaging

When creating ad content, keep the message simple. Hit on a few key points and leave it at that.

Remember, most people scroll through Facebook without reading much. You want text that will grab their interest and not bore them. Use an appealing, high-quality image to make the ad stand out.

Also, Facebook limits the number of characters you can use, so be aware of this. The exact number depends on the type of ad. See the ad guidelines to learn more.

#5. Add a Call to Action

Facebook makes adding a call to action easy with call to action buttons. Choose from button options like “Shop Now,” “Book Now,” and “Learn More,” to make it clear what action you want customers to take.

With these tips, you’re on your way to creating Facebook Ads that promote your events and make the registrations fly in!