Attendees are the heart and soul of your event. The number one measurement of whether your event was successful is whether or not the attendees walk away satisfied. The goal of Attendee Events is to make sure your satisfaction stats increase to the point that those who register for your event walk away excited to share their experience with others.

The Platform

Attendee Events is an event management platform that drives higher attendee satisfaction during as well as well before and after conferences and events. Our team is here to help you utilize the Attendee Events platform to the fullest.

The platform will help with:

Getting the attendees involved and allowing them to provide a voice well before the actual event is critical to their satisfaction. Our platform allows them to vote on session submissions and to even submit ideas for topics they wish to learn more about. Attendee Events takes you all the way through the event and even provides a platform for discussion after the event by integrating social media so that attendees can get some buzz going and you can start the process of reaching potential registrants for the next event or just to create buzz around your company or organization name.

Simplifying Event Management

Event planners are busy lining up expert speakers, securing a venue and taking care of the dozens of other details involved in pulling an event off. Attendee Events simplifies the registration portion of the process, helps get news out about your event, and gives you an online presence to interact with potential attendees as well as those who’ve already signed up.

Everything with Attendee Events is automatic. Email confirmations, automated reminders and other details are sent to registrants without you having to do anything other than running through a simple setup process and commanding the software to meet your individual needs.


No matter what type of event you’re planning, you’ll attract attendees from different walks of life and with different needs and expectations. With Attendee Events, you can easily create multiple ticket types to meet the needs of these different users for the same event.

In addition, you can set up discount codes that allow you to run different specials. For example, if you wish to run an early bird registration special, you can set up discounts based on different time windows.

You can also set up a standard registration date range and a late registration date range, which would be charged at a premium.

Delegating Responsibilities

With our software, you won’t spend hours upon hours punching in session descriptions. Instead, the software can be set to allow speakers to upload session proposals. You can then approve them, ask for changes and even let attendees vote on which sessions they’d most like to attend. Attendee satisfaction can also decrease if there are too many sessions they simply aren’t interested in attending.

If you’ve ever attended a conference where there are one or two workshops that have only a handful of people, you’ll see the advantage of having attendees vote on which sessions they want at the event. This should help you avoid those unpopular topics, which is better for attendees and better for your speakers. Choose the best topic, no one wants to speak to an empty room and you don’t want to risk losing a truly skilled speaker for future conferences.

Attendee Events will help you easily manage your speakers, manage your sessions and even manage your budget. Time is money and this software is designed to not only save you time but to make sure the time you do use is invested wisely into making sure attendees are highly satisfied after attending your event.

The platform will free up your time to build positive, ongoing relationships with speakers and conference goers.