Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Have you thought about the potential of this LinkedIn profile to generate event business leads?

LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform with over 467 million registered members worldwide. It’s all about creating contacts and strengthening existing contacts. LinkedIn is traditionally a place to look for jobs. However, the connections made through this platform can foster interest in events and a desire to join in.

To get started with LinkedIn marketing for your event business, you’ll first need to create a LinkedIn profile for yourself (if you don’t already have one) and a page for the event company. Then, you can start building solid connections and showing off your event brand!

Try boosting your LinkedIn marketing game with these three different ways to promote events and tips for getting the most from LinkedIn.

The 3 Different Marketing Avenues in LinkedIn

When thinking about LinkedIn marketing, there are three different approaches to keep in mind. Building a successful content marketing strategy means using a variety of content types and sharing methods.

#1. Posting Updates

LinkedIn has a status update function similar to Facebook. With LinkedIn, when people “like” an update, it is shared with their connections. Updates can be used to share blog posts, new events, link to online event registration, and more! It’s also important to share updates relevant to your general industry, as this is what professionally-minded members flock to LinkedIn for.

#2. Publishing

In addition to posting updates, members can also publish their own content through LinkedIn. Although this can be a more time-consuming form of LinkedIn marketing, it can greatly expand your reach and get more people interested in your event business.

Pick a topic that is both relevant to your events and would be interesting for your connections to read about. It is fine to write in an informal voice, but don’t be too carefree. Remember LinkedIn is a network for professionals!

#3. Sponsored Updates

Much like how businesses can purchase Facebook Ads, they can also purchase sponsored updates through LinkedIn. LinkedIn pushes these updates to specific individuals on a pay-per-click basis.

There are tons of ways to customize the target audience demographics, including by location, gender, age, company name, job title, skills, and groups. This makes it simple to get your event business in front of people who may already be interested in attending your events.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips and Tricks

#1. Regularly post relevant content

A good marketing strategy can’t be built on sharing content alone. Content should be relevant, interesting, and aligned with marketing goals.

Also, it’s important to regularly post content. A good rule of thumb is posting updates a few times a day and publishing long-form content on LinkedIn once a week. Be careful not to post too many updates on LinkedIn, as it’s not the right platform to shoot out 20 posts a day. Leave that to Twitter!

#2. Put a face on your business

In addition to creating a LinkedIn profile for the business itself, encourage employees to create or update their LinkedIn profiles and join in on posting and publishing about your events. This generates buzz and can make event marketing feel more natural by sharing what real employees feel about the business and events.

#3. Join groups and participate in them

A great way to connect with others on LinkedIn is to join groups (find “groups” under the “interests” tab) that potential attendees are interested in. These groups often center on a certain topic of interest or a certain type of professional.

LinkedIn groups are great for learning what people are looking for, as well as offering the chance for one-on-one interaction with your target audience. While it may be fine to post your content to the group page, it’s important to also offer something to the group by participating in discussions.

#4. Don’t make hard sales pitches

Always remember LinkedIn is about fostering professional connections, not constantly pitching your events to a group of strangers.

To succeed in LinkedIn marketing, as in other types of social media marketing, you have to give a little to get a lot. The people who follow your business must feel they’re getting something valuable in order to take the next step. Think about it as developing relationships with your connections, rather than cold calling.

With these tips, master LinkedIn marketing and making top-notch connections with professionals in your target audience!