Do you find that a lot of people visit your event website and then bounce away? These people may never register or come to your site again. But, what if you had something to offer them that would entice them to give you their information and consider attending your main event?

Enter online teaser events. By offering online events, you can not only increase your overall mailing list to a very targeted audience of people already interested in what you offer, but you can show them just how much fun your events are.

Here are some tips for offering online teaser events that can help increase your reach and hopefully your bottom line.

Scope Out the Competition

What online events are currently being offered in your niche? For example, if your event is about increasing business sales, who is offering events online about business sales success? What are those events? Attend a couple and see how you can do it better. What do you have to offer that they don’t?

Type of Online Teaser Event

There are many different types of events you can offer. It’s best to settle on one or two instead of trying to do it all.

  • Meet the keynote. If your keynote speaker is willing to offer a short, 15-minute event, this can be an excellent promotional tool both for your bigger event and the speaker.
  • Beginner topics. Offer topics that are basic. This can also open up the field for attendees to try out the more advanced topics at your event. Instead of your basic level workshops being overcrowded at the event itself, you’ll free up spaces for those who’ve already had a similar workshop online.
  • Navigating the event. Have a lot of new attendees each year? Offer workshops on how to get the most out of the event. What to pack, how to network, choosing workshops, etc.

Offer Giveaways

One way to generate excitement for your online events is to offer giveaways. Giveaways can include any number of things:

  • Free event registration.
  • Meet and greet with event speakers.
  • VIP pass to all the back end events, parties and mixers.
  • Books on the topic at hand written by different event speakers.

Of course, what giveaways you might offer can vary tremendously based on the industry you’re in, but you get the idea. The item should be of value to someone wanting to advance their career in your niche.

Social Media Buzz

Use online events to create social media buzz. Start by creating a custom tag (#techevent2015). Then, ask online event attendees to use that tag to create some buzz. Examples might include:

  • Free online workshop on tech savvy #techevent2015
  • Learned so much talking to Big Wig speaker #techevent2015

People who follow that hashtag will also see when you post something like, “10% off registration this week #techevent2015.”

Social media can allow you to reach thousands of people you otherwise wouldn’t have reached. Not only will you have access to all your followers/friends, but an expanded audience as well.

Bonus for Registering

Another idea is to use the free event as a bonus for registering early for your live event. You can promote registration to your current list and on social media. Explain that if they register for your conference by a certain date, they will get bonus access to early workshops and then tell them which ones.

If the online events are enticing enough, it should help boost registration.

Offering online teaser events may be just the edge you need over the competition. Give them a try and see if they help boost your registration numbers.

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