Pulling off a dance recital for your studio takes meticulous planning. Not only do you have to cater to the needs of your students and showcase their best work, but there are costumes to order, invitations to send, and outreach to the community at large. A well-planned recital will make current students want to stay and learn even more about dance and will also pull in new students from the audience and community at large.

With so much to remember and plan, event planning software can be a vital tool in helping you make sure everything runs like clockwork and your event is the best it can possibly be.

Using Event Planning Software

When you think of event planning software, you might think about software used to plan a large conference or trade show. However, event planning software can also be used specifically to plan a dance recital:

  • Track current and past recital attendees
  • Keep contact info in a secure and easily accessible location
  • Allow multiple people to brainstorm and plan different aspects of the event
  • Meet principal players online, such as your choreographer, manager and even key parent helpers
  • Get the word out quickly and easily with a few clicks of the keyboard
  • Sell tickets online
  • Track where you are with ticket sales
  • Keep track of key contacts, such as those at the recital venue or those catering appetizers after the event
  • Get rid of bulky paper invites and use evites. It can also track RSVPs from media you’ve invited

Save a Step

Event planning software can also save you a step or two. For example, as soon as you input the details of your event, you’ll have a webpage that lists all those details. You can then simply link to it from your website or send parents and those wanting to attend to the page. This saves you the step of creating a page from scratch as attendee event planing software presents a plug and play sort of setup.

You’ll also save money as you won’t have to pay a web design $50-$75 an hour to create a coded webpage for you.

Is Your Dance Recital Mobile Friendly?

In addition, event planning software creates a page for your potential attendees that is mobile friendly. You’ve likely noticed at other dance events and even in your dance studio that parents keep their phones on hand, using them to get online, take photos, and even record video.

According to Pew Internet Research, more than 63% of adult smartphone users go online with their smartphones. This means more and more people are accessing website via mobile devices. It is just smart planning to make sure anything you put on the World Wide Web can be accessed on a smartphone. Event planning software takes that task away from you and optimizes your pages for all devices.

Because your recital is the ultimate event at the end of your dance season, you’ll want to make sure you take the time to plan things down to the finest point. This is your brand and how both your students and the community see your brand. Take the time to plan it out right and your recital can be an event people talk about for weeks to come.

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